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Re: Being A Fan Of The Man - A Wonderful Thing

Thu Jan 03, 2013 7:33 pm

Wonderful post Rob!!!

I totally agree with you.
Being a Fan of the man is probably the most wonderful thing I can imagine.
Because of Elvis I met my wonderful wife Dee.....because of Elvis I have some of the finest friends...Richard, Arjan, Ton, Robert....all great friends and great Elvis fans.....because of Elvis I travelled all over Europe to meet more great people and to expand my collection......also met many people "related" in some way or another to Elvis....TCB band....Memphis etc...etc.... all great people with great stories to listen too.
Because of Elvis I did some "crazy" things to get the latest bootlegs.....spend thousands and thousand of dollars to satisfy my never ending hunger and never ending hunt for Elvis memorabilia, Elvis music and Elvis footage.
Because of Elvis I discovered tons of other great music....

Because of Elvis I am a happy person !!! :)

Thanks Elvis for all the wonderful moments .......and thanks Rob for posting this.....this is what the FECC needs....too much negativity and big ego's lately !!

Re: Being A Fan Of The Man - A Wonderful Thing

Thu Jan 03, 2013 7:56 pm

It's the music, it will always be the main point: his music.
The image, the human, the artist, he was bigger then life.
A true icon...Elvis.

Very fine post Rob, agree on all places.

Re: Being A Fan Of The Man - A Wonderful Thing

Thu Jan 03, 2013 9:25 pm

Great post Rob, agree with everything you said, been in my life since 56, he's still in it.

Re: Being A Fan Of The Man - A Wonderful Thing

Thu Jan 03, 2013 9:52 pm

I'm grateful to you, Rob. I was beginning to despair of this forum after seeing all the bizarrely negative themes people have posted recently, as if to deliberately upset, spoil and provoke. Many thanks for your warmth and appreciation of Elvis's many many remarkable qualities.

Re: Being A Fan Of The Man - A Wonderful Thing

Sat Feb 23, 2013 10:36 pm

Don't despair. There are some good people on this forum. Unfortunately, being an Elvis fan is not always a bed of roses. If you are a fan who wants to learn everything you can about Elvis Presley, that means there are some bumpy roads to travel down and things are not always going to be pleasant. I agree that sometimes on this board we tend to concentrate a little too heavily on those things. That is the reason that you will no longer see me participating on the "Worst Of" threads. Even though I will discuss the negative, I prefer to concentrate on the positive. There were way too many great things about Elvis to discuss rather than spend too much time talking about the negative things he did, or things he should have done more of. However, again, it will all be covered on this board and some of the topics may not be for everyone. I am one of those unfortunate fans who want to know as much as I can about him. I sometimes do not like what I find out, but that's part of being a fan on this level.

I do, however, prefer the positive and tend to stay away from most of the negative even though it is not all bright and sunny.

Still, when it is all said and done, being an Elvis fan is a wonderful thing.

Re: Being A Fan Of The Man - A Wonderful Thing

Sat Feb 23, 2013 10:48 pm

Rob wrote:Being an Elvis fan really is a wonderful thing, isn't it? I have been fortunate enough to have been on Christmas shutdown at work for the past couple of weeks. During that time, I have had a chance to get caught up on some CD listening and some DVD watching. What an amazing performer Elvis could be. I watched all shows of the "The Complete Works" set and found myself amazed at what the man could do with a song. He had the audience in the palm of his hand and worked his ass off during those performances of August 1970. I got a chance to listen to Straight Arrow's "Left A Good Job In The City" and even though I have heard the show before, was fascinated at how he had the New York audience eating out of his hand. He left the stage with chants of "More, more, more!" I also received the latest FTDs and was more than satisfied with how smoothly he performed in Vegas in August 1972. The '69 Memphis sessions need no introduction. They are a musical masterpiece. I even watched some footage from the "The Final Curtain" set. Although not enjoyed as much as those previously mentioned, I can get enjoyment out of Elvis, even in 1977. Whether it be an Olivia Newton-John or a Frank Sinatra song he was performing, his charisma was evident and his audiences loved him. Sometimes it is hard to believe that he has been gone for nearly 36 years. He has become such a domineering figure in our lives that it is if he is still here. When I think of Elvis, I rarely remember that he is actually dead. I just never think about it (unless I listen to the Indy '77 show, which is rarely). As a rule, I only get to sit down and listen to a CD about once a week, usually very early on a Saturday morning, and usually by candlelight. I am so thankful that I discovered Elvis at an early age and was fortunate enough to have seen him in concert twice. I am also fortunate enough that I am able to get any release, official or not, that I want in my collection. Back to the concerts for a minute. I wish everyone on this board could have witnessed the magic of an Elvis concert at least once in their lives. It would be something you would never forget. Whether it be 1969 or 1977, watching him walk on stage right in front of you and see the flashbulbs and hearing the ovation would stay with you for the rest of your lives. It certainly will mine. Lastly, I am so thankful for FTD and what they have made available to the fans. May the magic of Elvis Presley continue for a long time to come and may he gain new fans every day.

It's a wonderful thing to be a fan of the man.

...It surely is Rob -
Ive been a fan for many years and still love him - His Music lives on in my life -
day in and day out - He has been there for me thru my good days and bad days in my life -

There surely will be no one like him evr -I just am thankful thats so much material
has surfaced since his untimely passing and there sure will be more in the coming months / years -
And there surely be more out Im sure -

His image and name will live on forever -Now a new generation of fans
have emerged and some young kids - have started to know who Elvis is -

Every day in my life - Elvis is with me - in some way or another -
Elvis sure left us all his
Legacy and great memories

You may walk into a shopping mall and you hear
some Elvis track playing and you think -Yea - ''Now Thats Music'' -And
'''Thats the King Singn ''

I surely will be be a devoted fan all thru my life
until my last breath on Gods Earth -Amen -

Im Proud To Be A Fan Of Elvis Presley
Long Live The Legend And The King - Forever -
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