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Elvis FAN Stories

Sun Dec 16, 2012 3:44 am

Please depict on how and when you became an Elvis fan - can you remember what inspired you and at what age you first heard the tones and songs by Elvis -
Ill start and give you an out line here on how and when i became a fan -


From an early stage of 6 years old in '69 I can remember hearing Elvis on record - he was back then very virile , charismatic as always , religious ta a point and he was appearing at Vegas - during the Summer months of '69 .
He was / is my inspiration - by what I mean - he can calm me down and make me happy at different stages of my Life -
You know when u feel down - all u have to do is put an Elvis song and you are cheered up -
From an early age i grew up with Elvis - I have looked up at him as my escape since my youthful/ troubled days ,many years ago -

Now at the age of 49 and have kids of my own I keep telling my kids how great he was / is and how he has changed my life etc - - I have grown up with him and he is my idol , my hero , my all time best entertainer - Over the years I seemto have grown up with his music , his legacy and such .

At school I have passed many exams on him on various projects in English studies and Music - I got - A- Grades on him -
He will always be ''King '' to me and many people worldwide -

When he sadly passed on in 77 - my world was shattered by his untimely death - I stayed in my room for few weeks and refused to come out - I had tears in my eyes and refused to go out etc - like most fans -

Since his untimely death and passing - I feel that he has grown in popularity getting new generation of fans of ages -
No one will be like him in our life time - His legacy will live on forever and in many years from now every one will know about his greatness - by how he was kind - humble - a great man who walked Gods earth - AMEN -

I Love All Of Elvis career and Life -

Long Live Elvis - Our King 4 Ever -Long Live His Legacy
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Re: Elvis FAN Stories

Sun Dec 16, 2012 10:31 pm

hey, great story man. I like've had, and still have a great "Elvis life" :P I enjoyed reading your story my friend, it was really nice :smt006 ::rocks

for me, it started not THAT many years ago...9 years this month, actually! I have a good friend who's an Elvis fan, and I gave him an Elvis cd for his birthday in 2003 (his birthday his dec. 13, but I don't remember if I was at his house ON his birthday, or if it was another day. I just know it was for his birthday I gave him this cd, not for christmas). anyway, it was the 2nd To None cd, and he really wanted to listen to it. I didn't even like Elvis at that time, and he knew he didn't like putting it on while I was there, because he knew I didn't like it when he put on Elvis when I was there....but I said, go ahead, put it on...I didn't even hesitate, not even in my mind. of course he should listen to his new cd that he just got...I'm not a complete a*sshole. so anyway, he put it on, and that did for me. I could not believe that Elvis was this good!! I was sitting there :smt103 this is Elvis??? I was absolutely speechless...and that's what did it for me. I was sold. and when the cd was over, I wanted to hear it again. my friend thought I was joking!! and he said, you don't have to do this...I went, JUST PLAY IT AGAIN!!!!!! :mrgreen:
and from that moment I became an Elvis fan. I spend almost a week at my friends house listening to his Elvis cd's and lps' and watching his Elvis dvd's and vhs tapes, and borrowed some home with me as well. and from then on, whenever I visited him it was all about Elvis (nowadays things are a bit different of course. back then I was a new fan and knew only very little Elvis. I knew maybe 2 or 3 songs with him before I became a fan)
and Elvis "came into my life" at the right time that time, I was in a deep dark hole and could not see a way out. Elvis music helped me see a light. it really helped me through a very difficult time. and for that he will forever be my inspiration and my hero. and I know I will be an Elvis fan for the rest of my life (why would I ever stop being a fan) smt201

Re: Elvis FAN Stories

Sun Dec 16, 2012 10:38 pm

Ty elvis girl fro ya input on this topic -
I ty so much in ya story - great reading knowing how you became a loyal fan like me - Ty so much my friend - you rock ::rocks

Elvis Surely Rocks My World 24/7
In My Life
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