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Ed Wood - Elvis Connection: Dolores Fuller

Wed Dec 05, 2012 3:12 pm

Dolores Fuller was a b-movie actress and the muse of cult director Ed Wood (of Plan 9 from outer space fame)
Being a cult movie buff i was reading a review of Dolores Fullers book, " A Fuller Life".
I was surprised the article mentioned she has written the lyrics for several Elvis songs

Barefoot Ballad (from the film Kissin' Cousins, 1964)
Beyond the Bend (from the film It Happened at the World's Fair, 1963)
Big Love, Big Heartache (from the film Roustabout, 1964)
Cindy, Cindy (Love Letters from Elvis, 1971 studio album)
Do the Clam (from the film Girl Happy, 1965)
Have A Happy (from the film Change of Habit, 1969)
I Got Lucky (from the film Kid Galahad, 1962)
I'll Take Love (from the film Easy Come, Easy Go, 1967)
Rock-a-Hula, Baby (from the film Blue Hawaii, 1961)
Spinout (from the film Spinout, 1966)
Steppin' Out of Line (unused track from the Blue Hawaii sessions, first released on 1962 album Pot Luck)
You Can't Say No In Acapulco (from the film Fun in Acapulco, 1963)

her book can be bought here ... res+fuller
"For people familiar with Dolores Fuller only through her work and professional association with notorious '50s film director Edward D. Wood, Jr., Hollywood, Ed Wood and Me (A Fuller Life) will provide readers with a surprising revelation. Throughout her career, Miss Fuller has proven her talent and versatility in numerous facets of the entertainment industry. From fashion model, dancer and actress to renowned songwriter and talent manager, Dolores Fuller has done it all. In her autobiography, Miss Fuller speaks honestly and with candor about her many triumphs and the professional disappointments and personal tragedies she has endured, such as her virtual partnership with Ed Wood during the making of his early films, to her painful discovery of Wood's transvestism, and their eventual break-up. Her songwriting for Elvis Presley and discovery and nurturing of such talent as Johnny Rivers, to her heart-breaking experience with Tanya Tucker. Finally, Miss Fuller reveals her true feelings towards Sarah Jessica Parker's unflattering performance of her in Tim Burton's Ed Wood. Filled with fascinating and humorous anecdotes about the many famous people she has known throughout her long career, Dolores Fuller's autobiography is both informative and a highly entertaining read."

Re: Ed Wood - Elvis Connection: Dolores Fuller

Wed Dec 05, 2012 3:30 pm

Yeah I mention her in my Elvis book coming out next year.

Re: Ed Wood - Elvis Connection: Dolores Fuller

Thu Dec 06, 2012 11:30 pm

She also wrote "Wisdom of the ages" but her version was not chosen for the movie Harum scarum.

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