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Re: Frankie and Johnny on Pickwick

Mon Dec 03, 2012 12:30 pm

likethebike wrote:
eligain wrote:Wasn't the Camden and Pickwick releases mainly for the none record store sales like Woolworths, Sears, Target, Rexall Drugs, Kmart, Walgreens etc? I remember seeing them only there and never at any of the actual record stores. Our neighborhood drug store had a small bin or records and 8-Track tapes that were usually 99 cents to $1.99. They always had Camden/Pickwick releases in there. They once had the "Raised on Rock" album there for $1.99 in 1974! It had to be a mistake.

That may have been a cut out. Sometimes they made their way to supermarkets.

No, it wasn't a cut out. I didn't buy it at the time because I thought it a budget release. I would up paying full price for it about a month later.