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Re: Elvis in the '60s

Sat Dec 22, 2012 1:04 am

skatterbrane wrote:People who succumbed to the trends, like Sammy David Jr, DIon, Tim Buckley, Bobby Darin, etc, only embarrassed themselves. I think if Elvis tried to follow the trends instead of isololating himself, would have never had the Comeback, and his 1969-1971 period would never have been.

However, I think the Las Vegas years created just as much boredom and mediocrity as the movie years did. That is when he would have benefitted most with better material sources and maybe more of a stripped down, unplugged if you will, approach.

Totally agree with you here. "True Loves Travel On A Gravel Road" and the Sunset strip is certainely not a gravel road. After Aloha 73, the Colonel should have put him on a world tour and after that put him once a year in a studio to make good music. And leave Vegas for a while. I love the new Prince From Another Planet double cd: still he rushes to much on certain songs like if a taxi was waiting for him outside MSG. Crazy, it spoils the pleasure, but his voice was in real shape I must say.