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Re: Elvis Interview Reveals --> Felled By The Flu In 1974!

Wed Nov 28, 2012 2:55 pm

Gregory Nolan Jr. wrote:All that said (and nice reference, RJM!), some of the sad reality is that not even his show was as bad sounding
as we'd previously believed.

It would have been better if it was more of a bomb - instead, as the tape testifies
for one of the shows, it was a troubled but not horrific show as many had come to believe. One doesn't
root for Elvis to bomb, but had it done it more often or more publically, it would have finally
become fodder for the Enquirer, the Star and mainstream press. Yes, that started to happen,
but mostly before it was too late and nearly loud enough.

"Chaos In College Park" - Elvis Presley (Straight Arrow, 2006)

As Piers wrote in his review in the revealing if controversial (here at least) release:

Verdict - If you like Elvis at his best then there is no point in getting this CD. Buy ‘Elvis Live’, ‘That’s The Way It Is’, ‘At The International’
or, if you want something from 1974, ‘Live In Memphis’ instead. If you are interested in examining Elvis’ legacy even further then performances like ‘New Year’s Eve 1976/77’, ‘Closing Night’ or ‘Spring Tours 1977’ illustrate even more.
However there is no doubt that this is a worthy release as it sounds so different from the previously dreadful ‘All Gut’ CDR, revealing Elvis’ performance for what it really was.

Yes, it was a poor concert but it certainly destroys the myth that it was Elvis’ worst ever performance. Hard-core Elvis collectors will find this fascinating..."

'Chaos In College Park' : Was this Elvis' worst concert? - CD Review ... epark.html

I had a chance to drive by that arena a few years ago and imagine him in there. Then I came across someone who saw the show
(and also saw Zeppelin, Bob Marley and others back then) who went with her mother as a teen and told me: "I thought it
was a great show!" Another one who barely noticed anything wrong. We know it but it's apparent the man could
waffle through many a show in cruise control, throw some sparks and many could not tell the difference.

Excellent post Greg. :smt023

Re: Elvis Interview Reveals --> Felled By The Flu In 1974!

Wed Nov 28, 2012 8:36 pm

Very interesting! Thank you!

Re: Elvis Interview Reveals --> Felled By The Flu In 1974!

Thu Nov 29, 2012 8:34 am

fn2drive wrote:Thanks for posting Doc. As my grandmother often quoted to me as a small boy-beware he doth protest too much. While many frequently criticize the drug discussions, having lived through the lies and cover ups, i myself can't get enough. Having watched first hand his fall from grace, wondering what was happening and believing against all reason next time would be better, i am utterly fascinated that this monumental cover up of drug addiction was never widely reported in the press save a few stories on Elvis being 'drunk' in Las Vegas. There is no doubt in my mind that his drug addiction was widely known in Vegas as well as the entertainment business yet to Tom Parker's 'credit', it went undetected by his fan base. In today's world, he would have been TMZ'd and off to rehab-likely saving his life and giving us a chance for a greater musical legacy. Every time i read about the flu, desert storm etc, it conjures up the image of someone dunking his head in a bucket of ice cold water while Parker bellows the only thing that matters is that he is on stage at showtime. Truly tragic. elvis was often referred to as looking like a Greek god; he surely lived a Greek tragedy. Yep, the flu- wanna buy a bridge.

Great reply.

Re: Elvis Interview Reveals --> Felled By The Flu In 1974!

Thu Nov 29, 2012 8:47 am

chris j wrote:I can't recall off-hand which member of Elvis's circle it was who told me at the time that on the 26th when he cancelled he spent the day lying on a couch throwing up, "with some girl". When he returned to the stage on the 27th he was pouring sweat and had lost some of the swelling in his abdomen. Sylvia was unwell during that show too - she had none of her usual zap and stood hanging her head. Elvis said to her quietly and sympathetically "Do you have the flu, honey?"

People might like to consider this info which I gleaned for myself on the days in question, alongside the statements made above.

The significance of finding and posting the nationally-syndicated Kingsley interview is that it reflects a man who, on some level, knows he is in trouble. It may even be due to a realization that his stage behavior that final week in Vegas was over-the-top and unprofessional.

I do suspect Elvis caught a flu bug that caused the Aug 26 cancellations. But the virus cannot account for his off-kilter performances later in the week. And "the flu" would become a ready excuse for future cancellation reports in the press, along with "hypertension" or "fatigue." For example, the four shows cancelled in 1977 (March 31 - April 3), which included sending away a seated audience in Baton Rouge, were noted in the press as being due to the "flu."

This is information that should also be considered, alongside the statements made above.