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Japanese CD Box Set - Elvis Presley Paper Sleeve Collection

Fri Nov 16, 2012 6:59 pm



Posted this regarding the EIC 24 BIT version, well its in here amongst many others, all 24 BIT versions ,

As part of the celebrations what would have been Elvis 70'th birthday BMG Japan re-released the paper sleeve mini LP CDs in a new box. 30 titles are re-produced in a limited edition of 1000 copies with a new paper sleeve box.

Elvis Presley Paper Sleeve Collection (2005 issue Japanese exclusive limited edition 'Paper Sleeve Collection' set of 30 [yes thirty!] CD albums containing a grand total of 402 remastered tracks from the undisputed King of Rock n Roll released across 3 decades, from 'Elvis Presley' [1956] through to 'Elvis In Concert' [1977], each presented in individually sealed mini-LP style card picture sleeve complete with inserts and some in gatefold packaging plus obi-strips!) ** a stunning collectors set and an investment not to be missed **

30 CDs, all CDs are digitally 24 bit remastered. Limited edition of 1000 sets.
30 CDs, all CDs are digitally 24 bit remastered. Limited edition of 1000 sets.
No-one packages a CD album quite like the Japanese. Known as a culture for elaborate and excessive packaging, their approach to the CD album is no exception. From the visual delights of the artwork and packaging, to the content itself, you will without doubt get your money's worth here.

Includes the following albums:

Elvis Presley
Elvis' Christmas Album
Loving You
King Creole
For LP Fans Only
A Date With Elvis
Elvis' Golden Records
50000000 Elvis Fan Can't Be Wrong
Elvis Is Back!
G.I. Blues
His Hand In Mine
Blue Hawaii
How Great Thou Art
Elvis' Golden Records Vol.3
Elvis' Golden Records Vol.4
Elvis' NBC - TV Special
Elvis In Person At The International Hotel Las Vegas
Back in Memphis
From Elvis in Memphis
Elvis-That's The Way It Is
On Stage - February, 1970
Elvis Country
He Touched Me
Elvis As Recorded At Madison Square Garden
Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite
Elvis Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis
Elvis - The Sun Sessions
Moody Blue
Elvis In Concert 77

The inclusion of the famous 'obi-strip' not only adds a uniquely intriguing aspect, but is also a great marketing tool for the Japanese labels. The term 'obi-strip' is derived from the name of the piece of wide fabric - the obi - that a geisha woman wears around her waist over the traditional Kimono dress. An amazing amount of information is packed onto this little wraparound piece of paper, often noting special tracks, concert dates, discography information and release anniversaries. And, as this information is intended to be read in the home market, it's all printed in Japanese kanji and ~kana script! Whilst they are safely sealed on new release CD's they are often discarded once opened, so they should be considered a real bonus when intact on out-of-print CD's.

In recent years we have seen the obi-strip occasionally replaced with a sleeve sticker, no less attractive and equally unique to the Japanese pressing. Japanese CD albums often benefit from extra music and new video-style content, to further entice the Japanese public to buy their native release and not an import. Non-album tracks and exclusive mixes often feature and there are a huge amount of 'Japan-Only' releases that do not have an equivalent release elsewhere in the world. Japanese pressings will nearly always include a lyric booklet or fold-out lyric sheet. These are dual-language, printed in both the ~kana script and in English, the latter often having some wonderful mis-translations!

Not sure if its still available, but it looks the set to have .......

Re: Japanese CD Box Set - Elvis Presley Paper Sleeve Collect

Fri Nov 16, 2012 7:07 pm

If it's not still available that was quite the tease there Denny!!! Any idea where to look for it (online)?

Re: Japanese CD Box Set - Elvis Presley Paper Sleeve Collect

Fri Nov 16, 2012 7:15 pm

I know its out of stock on Amazon, will it come back ? sure hope so ........

Re: Japanese CD Box Set - Elvis Presley Paper Sleeve Collect

Fri Nov 16, 2012 7:16 pm

I found half of it on ebay (Volume 1)... not as nice as the full set though...

Re: Japanese CD Box Set - Elvis Presley Paper Sleeve Collect

Sun Mar 10, 2013 10:56 pm

Don't fall for this one on Ebay...I did - and it's the paper box only, worth nothing...certainly not the $187, which included shipping. The best thing is that I had it returned at customs, never received any money back, so what you see is actually the box that I paid for. Nice rip-off.

edit: I got, well, paid for Vol.2, which you will find this guy sell again.

Re: Japanese CD Box Set - Elvis Presley Paper Sleeve Collect

Mon Mar 11, 2013 7:08 pm

I had all first two sets without the box and was largely unimpressed, the masters that were used for them varied widely: 'Elvis Presley' and 'Elvis' seemed to be the early eighties versions, 'Loving You' had the 'Jailhouse Rock' 'Don't leave me now' as opposed to the correct album one. Many were the nineties remasters. 'For LP Fans only' had the elctronically reprocessed stereo version folded down to mono. 'A Date with Elvis' did too for that matter on some of the tracks. 'On Stage' was the original nineties version, the TV Special was the mono version which is really the only rarity in the lot I suppose. Technically the 24 bit remastering may be superior but if the masters you are using are so varying in quality then it's only the artwork that is worth the admission price. I sold mine together with some FTD's and other Elvis CD's to buy the Complete Masters Box. Glad I did. I have still got 'Elvis For Everyone' mini LP CD from the more recent 2008 set, as this the original version of the album with added reverb on most tracks and just like I remember from the original vinyl...