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a list of 8 mm footage worth getting

Mon Nov 12, 2012 2:15 am

hello ,

being a elvis collector , as i have for the last 25 years . i have tried to get any footage and audio i can get , dvd's , cd's , lp's , footage etc . i am a huge star fan and really enjoy there work , kudos to them . i have also enjoyed alot of papa bear's dvd's before they started copying everybody else release's . my question is this , i was hoping from fan's that we can make a list of dvd's or footage that is worth finding for quality concert footage . like 8 mm and such . does anybody have a list of what footage is worth getting or concert footage that has been released on dvd that is really worth seeing . not the white blur that you can hear elvis voice but don't know who the blur is , when i found out about the 8-10-71 dinnder show on dvd i was really blown away by the quality . very cool and that one is worth the time to find , also i enjoy the 1976 nye show footage , some very awesome release's have happend with this footage . any help greatley appericated . thanks ::rocks

Re: a list of 8 mm footage worth getting

Mon Nov 12, 2012 11:40 pm

I see your need for such a list, because a lot of the material is such a low quality that it is no great fun to watch... I did hear that Return to Splendour should be a good release...