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Re: Review of Prince From Another Planet - JAT

Fri Nov 09, 2012 5:09 pm

yeah i kinda have a love/hate relationship with mr JAT !!
hes done some great stuff over the yrs (the sessions book(s) for example) but hes done his share of crap too & is not overly observant about the 'sharpness/focus' of some pics !
hes almost milked the cow as much as RCA sometimes !

but hes probably luckily enough to be the only guy outside of ernst, erik R or roger S to HEAR so much presley material (if he has in FACT listened to such material & not just copied lists???)
i still dont know to this day how to take his SOUNDBOARD list(s)??
i mean not only does he list most/all ooff the winter 70 tour as existing on tape but in total he lists literally hundreds of shows, especially some of the best (72) and tons from 74 etc
so where the hell are they and no they're not sitting in bruce jacksons basement ! if RCA had such shows, we'd have had them on FTD so where are they ??
wheres his list come from ? even if hodge is correct & every show was recorded & then re-recorded over , the lists dont make sense !!!

anyway, i digress no it wasnt much off a review at all was it !
my orders in the post & I CANT wait to recieve it, i LOVE the MSG garden shows, as i said B4 he knew he needed to step up to the plate for the big apple & damn did he !
i so envy the lucky few here that we're actually there , or for that matter the later chicago gig, by all accounts he kicked ass the rest of june etc!

very interested in exactly what mr 'coldplay' has done, i AM an audiophile with a high-end marantz system so i WILL notice the difference !

the above pic is awesum, ive NEVER seen that myself (has anyone?)
i would presume thats our man heading back stage after the a/noon show , no doubt thinking "i showed them mothers" lol
and lets face it, he did ! u CAN find fault(s) with aloha but i dont think u can with MSG at all! really its a shame that RCA - the company he literally bank-rolled couldnt spend a few dollars on tape & record all 4 shows - would love to hear 'bridge' (from friday wasnt it????)

im confused & disappointed about the conference, we we're promised the complete thing, yet mr T states its basically HALF of the press conference !!!! why ??????
its on bootleg in great quality so why is it not here?

either way, its a great package, im glad its (finally) gotten the treatment it deserves & it will get many airings in my house & car (sorry ROB lol)

though i dont think 4 1minute the success (or lack off) will have any bearing on any future 'ON TOUR' footage !

also, wasnt it said that NBC/ABC (whoever) filmed some/all - the 1st 3 songs with pro cameras ???? has that ever been confirmed? if so wheres that footage ! i recall seeing 1 hell of a 'zoom in' that im sure super8 cams didnt have back then ?????????
( i know the nov hawaii footage WAS treated in a similar matter)

anyway, hope it lives up to expectations !
cant wait myself !
keep buying those cds folks !

Re: Review of Prince From Another Planet - JAT

Fri Nov 09, 2012 5:48 pm

Johnny2523 wrote:i still gotta wait for more then a week or 2 :( till elvismatters has it available

Got it in the regular CD shop "Plato" today.
Why buy from places where you have to wait so long?

Re: Review of Prince From Another Planet - JAT

Fri Nov 09, 2012 6:14 pm

Mine's in the mail. Can't wait for it! Haven't listened to the original evening show for litterally decades for not having the show on cd :D

Re: Review of Prince From Another Planet - JAT

Sat Nov 10, 2012 12:07 pm

a pretty strange review.