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Re: Its Easy For You

Mon Jan 28, 2013 6:43 am

I have always enjoyed It's Easy For You. If anything, Little Darlin' and If You Love Me (Let Me Know) were much poor choices for inclusion in the Moody Blue album... simply awful tracks.

Re: Its Easy For You

Mon Jan 28, 2013 7:03 am

poormadpeter wrote:
Revelator wrote:
elvisjock wrote:But, the naked denial and despair somehow attract many of us to it.

I can't say I've ever heard any naked denial and despair in the performance. Given all the autobiographical resonance of the material, Elvis sounds completely unaffected, almost bored. Either that or he's too depressed to put any life in his singing. A disappointing match, and either Webber or Rice said as much (with good reason) and also criticized the arrangement as unimaginative.

poormadpeter wrote:Presley's performance is "well acted" and, for once in these sessions, he doesn't resort to hysterical shouting as he does in Hurt and I'll Never Fall In Love Again.

If only he had. The real problem with "I'll Never Fall" is that he wasn't able to belt it as loudly as Tom Jones. And with "Hurt" you're left in no doubt that Elvis is living the song, unlike "It's Easy For You," which sounds easy for Elvis only because his vocals are of throwaway caliber.

I prefer him to sing rather than shout. I have always regarded his shouting during the last years simply a way of trying to cover up his declining abilities, and a way to try to tell us he is engaged with a lyric when actually quite the opposite is true, with Hurt being an obvious example. Many regard this as one of his autobiographical efforts and about his marriage, but if he is effectively accusing Priscilla of lying to him and cheating on him then he is being somewhat hypocritical considering what we know of his own actions during the time of his marriage! To me, It's Easy For You is considerably more convincing (and according to A life In Music the studio chatter confirms this), as opposed to the hystrionics which accompany Hurt and the like which generally has me reaching for ear plugs rather than headphones.

Perhaps you are not familair with Elvis' catalog of songs in which you would probably say he is shouting.
Hound Dog
Jailhouse Rock
Wear my ring around your neck
Rags to Riches
Wearin that loved on look
One night
If I can dream

Elvis uses his voice as it is needed for that type of song.
He was a vocal artist that could sing "all kinds" in varied ways.
Of course he could have sung "If I can dream" like a lullaby to please you,
but that wouldn't have been the right choice.

If you prefer good ol' fashion singing, then I would stick with your Bobby Vinton and Frankie Avalon records.
As usual your analysis is a bit lacking.