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No Fooling Around

Thu May 08, 2003 5:10 am

Just got this cd & I'm quite impressed with the artwork & overall presentation, reminds me of those companies that care about making that extra bit of effort, nice set of MSG afternoon show photos on various pages along with shots from the August '72 Vegas engagement.

The sound....well the sound is better than I expected for August 4th 1972 audience recording, it's certainly better than the previous outing we've had of My Babe from this show, there are a few artifacts in the sound (more than likely caused by dehissing or remastering of a deterating tape, but the show is certainly acceptable. It would appear that dehissing/remastering has been more heavily or more time spent on some tracks than others as some tracks are more hissy than others, even though it all appears to be from the same tape source. The rehearsals sound about the same as in the past, but Portrait of My Love sounds a bit clearer & I'm Leaving It All Up To You sounds (to my ears) to be from a better generation tape than I've heard in the past.

All in all a pretty good release for those that are into audience recordings, it just gets so difficult to find the time to listen to this stuff at the moment especially when playing the Soundtrack FTD's again & again & again.....I just love them.....can we please have Christmas a bit earlier this year ? so that we can get the next installment of FTD Soundtracks :lol:

Thu May 08, 2003 10:25 am

Thanks for the info! :)

Thu May 08, 2003 2:01 pm

I try to collect every CD's by Elvis. But I am not very keen on Audience recordings even though I do buy them. But this latest Import is really very good. One of the better ones. A very good Concert and the sound is much better than any Audience CD that I previously have. Do give it a try!

Thu May 08, 2003 3:38 pm

Is the sound quality as good as it is on Caught In The Act?

Thu May 08, 2003 4:08 pm

Londonflash, it varies quite a bit, a song like My Babe has better sound quality than the Czech cd Caught In The Act, the sound on Caught In The Act is short on high frequencies, resulting in a dull or as some have said a 'blanket sound' (ie: the type of muffled sound you'd get under a blanket). Whereas No Fooling around has some tracks which have high frquencies still present, I'm assuming if these were to get a dehiss treatment they would have been muffled, whereas some tracks like My Babe seem like some extra effort has been made to give the track some 'ooomph' (successfully I might add)....this might have been due to the original tape being in better condition at different parts (such as near the end of the show, where My Babe is). Don't get me wrong the sound in my opinion OVERALL is a better cd than Caught In The Act, with the added bonus that the set list is quite different to the norm & Elvis puts over a great atmosphere, if you can get it at a good price go for it.

BTW The other added live bonus tracks of Steamroller Blues & For The Good Times are from a far inferior sound quality source than the Aug 4th 1972 show...but still certainly listenable.

Fri May 09, 2003 9:28 pm

Just played this CD today and I echo Ray's sentiments re the packaging - nice quality artwork and booklet. As for the sound - very good on the whole for an audience recording.

It's a good show, some funny dialogue here and there (good name is........on the front of the hotel)

Indeed if this were a soundboard of the sound quality of say Opening Night 72 or Elvis At Full Blast I'd consider it a must have - as it is the bonus tracks add aditional value.

As far as audience recordings go - for me this is one of the better ones.

TRADE: Fooling around

Sat May 10, 2003 12:07 am

I have 3 spare copies [original] and I want it to trade them against a mint copy of the Easy Come, easy Go EP [US pressing].

What do I want with 3 copies you ask ?? well, you could play them for as long as you live, or sell them ;-))

PS the Sleeve and w/l promo How Great Thou Art - Air play Special would do the trick also ...
[yeah, I know - I got a good sense of humor]

If you can get a trade...

Sat May 10, 2003 1:13 am

Hi memphisflash,
I hope you can get the LP you're looking for, but if you can't, I'm interested in trade No fooling around. I have several import cds to trade with, so if you're interested, please email me.


PS: Any person interested in trade or buy some import titles, just email me to send them the list. :wink:

Sat May 10, 2003 4:42 pm

We never mentioned it was a new version. The review says at one point :

" A note says that “ I’m Leaving It Up All To You “ is presented as originally released in 1980, which to my ears sound correct. I’d say the sound quality of this last track is very similar to its original release but I can’t really verify this fact because I have it only available on an LP and my turntable has been “ dead “ for years. "

Don't make us tell things we didn't say.


Sat May 10, 2003 9:06 pm

Our first news on this CD hasn't been modified in ANY ways and first published as it is now. It happens Elvis News or others modify a bit the news ( for making it shorter or whatever ), however the news we put on our site is exactly as first published.

I forgot to add, it would be very unlikely to send us a news giving a false detail as such since it's mentioned inside that it's the same version.


No Fooling Around Is Just Great!

Sat May 10, 2003 11:46 pm

I have this CD and I really love it. The 8 page booklet put a very nice touch to this CD. This booklet is thick, meaning using good paper, not that cheap stuff that other Imports use, like Memory Records. In my opinion, a lot of work was put into this CD. It's been a long while since any Import CD gives the fans a great booklet with incredible photo's and artwork. The sound on this release is very good. It does however have some slight hissing, but hey, it's an audience recording and I think that Ampex did a great job in remastering. I highly recommend this CD to anyone. I hope more Imports come out like this in the future as I know I'll buy them.



Mon May 12, 2003 4:40 pm

I agree as well; this CD is a good title to have. I to feel that the sound quality is quite good for an audience recording, and the booklet and cover art are very well presented.

For anyone unsure of which release to purchase

Tue May 13, 2003 1:45 am

Just some quick input concerning a comparison between "Another Opening Night" and "No Fooling Around".
I have now both releases which as you know contain the same show. After playing each disc without changing anything on my reciever, "No Fooling Around" absolutely, hands down, beyond the shadow of a doubt blows "Another Opening Night" away sound wise. "AON" was mastered way too low. As soon as the "AON" disc begins to play my light on my subwoofer comes on and stays lit throughout the total playing time of the disc. The only time it even flickers is between songs. (This occurs with my bass setting at zero) Also on the "AON" disc, the piano intro to My Way is barely audible but is plainly evident on the "NFA" release. Same thing with the Glen's piano on Big Hunk. It is a night and day comparison really, not one of those differences you must listen carefully for...this difference will slap you in the face.
Take these sound advantages of "NFA" into consideration along with the superior packaging and additional materials the release boasts and the choice is clear, AMPEX is the winner and Gamble is...well, a bad gamble.