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Fri Jan 23, 2004 3:40 pm

I struggled with this problem myself a few years ago.
I now put them all into five sections:
1. Studio recordings in year order. I include all alternates in this section so for example Essential elvis cds would be close to the years that the cds contain.
2. Live recordings. Again done by year. I include all the audience/ soundboard recordings as well as official cds like aloha.
3. FTD cds. This time in order of release.
4. Import releases from japan, argentina, USA etc
5. New compilation releases such as Elv1s and E2. In this section i include all compilations such as greatest live and greatest love songs.
I also number each cd ( as Colin does ) and keep records on excel. I don't locate them on the shelf in number order, its just to keep an eye on the number of cd's i have.
This system works for me well. Once you remember where each section starts and ends you can find the cd you require easily. :lol: