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Price Guide

Thu May 08, 2003 2:06 am

Is their a price guide for Elvis CD Collectors to inform them what pieces in their collection are worth. I am looking for one that includes Regular BMG releases, promos, bootlegs, FTDs etc..
I any collecting field there is a price guide I just have never heard of one for Elvis CDs.
This would be a most engaging web page to be added to the For Elvis CD Collectors Web Site.


Thu May 08, 2003 3:35 am

Hi BG!

Price guides are a great idea but unfortunately sometimes the items in your/my collection are worth as much as someone is willing to pay.
The only price guide I have used is "Presleyana III" by Jerry Osborne published by Jellyroll Publishing, Port Townsend, Washington - it's for records.
Unfortunately, I don't have a website for you but I have to believe that Jerry Osborne has put out a CD price guide - do a search on the net for Jerry Osborne or Jellyroll Productions.
Hope this helps.


Thu May 08, 2003 3:37 am

Thanks Elvis-Fan I will give that a try.

Thu May 08, 2003 4:31 pm

Go to Worldwide Elvis, a chap by the name of Dale Hampton has a cd price guide.

Thu May 08, 2003 5:03 pm

Hey BG!

Here's the latest and greatest issue of "Presleyana" from Jerry Osborne. This one has it all.


Check out his site at

Thu May 08, 2003 8:55 pm

I have the priceguide by Dale Hampton; it's largely useless as a price guide. But it's still fun to look at and the cd that accompanied it was nice.

Since the advent of the internet auction, all price guides seem obsolete. Worldwide Elvis was trying to sell "Live In Las Vegas" sampler's for $300 when they were selling on eBay for $40, or cd's valued at $250 on ****** don't get a single bid at $100 on eBay you see what I mean...


Thu May 08, 2003 9:01 pm

As a CD collector I just need a basic understanding of what some of these cds are worth. I hate paying to much for cd andsee it going for 50% cheaper the next week.
A perfect example of my dilema is here ... .php?t=707
Thanks for the advice and all the links!


Thu May 08, 2003 9:05 pm

I would suggest keeping track of the current and completed auctions on eBay. This gives you a clearer picture of the value of items, more than any website or manual I've ever seen.

Thu May 08, 2003 9:10 pm

Good point, Morrissey.

My main interest in having LP/45/78 reference material like Jerry Osborne's book is mainly for identification purposes.
It describes details of the original releases so collector's can tell what to look for and how to avoid knock-offs.

Price-wise, as I mentioned above, it's a matter of what is available and how much someone is willing to pay for it.

Fri May 09, 2003 3:19 am

E-bay is a crapshoot when it comes to value. I've seen some very hard-to-find CD's sell for, say $100, ..................... then, later the same one will go for $25-$30.

That's not just CD's either, ............ just recently a genuine Elvis-owned book sold for $1,500. It was worth more. Good price, good deal, ........ just lucky.

I agree, something is ultimately worth only as much as somebody is willing to pay for it at the time.


Elvis price guides are great for reference/photos/info./history about items, but I think the prices are generally on the high side. They sure are FUN to look at though!

...just a fan....