Anything about Elvis
More than 30 Million visitors can't be wrong

"Evening Herald" Newspaper Ireland.

Mon May 05, 2003 6:23 pm

Letter to the Editor. Printed today.
"Lost Voices" (Ed.)

With the upcoming Paul McCartney and Rolling Stones Concerts, we are
lucky we can still see, and more importantly, hear the real authentic, Elvis
Presley, without ANY wrinkles on the giant screens at The Point Theatre in

I read a newspaper report recently where a journalist lamented that since
the deaths of Maria Callas and Elvis Presley 25 years ago, there has not
been a vocalist remotely close to their quality.
Such discerning ears! We should all, thank him very much.
Yours sincerely, spectacle.

Hows that Doc? at least 250,000 readers:-)

The article about Maria Callas and Elvis Presley appeared in the "London Evening Standard" U.K.