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An Elvis audio library..... what do you all think?

Mon May 05, 2003 1:08 pm

This is another of the "big time dreamer" ideas, but what would you think if there was an Elvis audio library, an actual place where you could go and pay to listen to a master, undubbed master, session, or live concert of Elvis.. there would be, say, 100 stations, each with a computer and headphones, and every file in them - and you'd pay for listening time, or per song or something.

Maybe have it be in Memphis, with BMG's cooperation, or make it mobile, and set up so you can only listen to it (with strict security to make sure no leaks occurred)... then, when there's a session dispute, you could go to the Elvis library and listen to the session, make your notes and make compilations accordingly.

It'll probably(surely) NEVER happen, and there would probably have to be one in each of a few countries, but that would be a cool way for fans to hear the sessions and takes with BMG making money without producing product.

What do you all think?