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To MaHaLo

Sat May 03, 2003 5:46 pm

You sign all yuor postings with the following:

Elvis' promo - sampler cd expert

What do you know about the following item? I just found it in a list, no other info except that it is stamped promo and has at least one Elvis track

SP 03.09.95

Stamped promo cd

Sat May 03, 2003 6:22 pm

Hello , when it is a cd from Argentina and it has stamped the words :

"Prohibida su vento" on it than trust me , it is a fake one !

Maybe it is the cd : Happy Birthday ..... than this one is also fake !

I have send to BMG Argentina a long time ago an e:mail regarding these kind of samplers ! I can tell you this that BMG Argentina was not ! the maker of these cd's and they even did not know that these cd's where on the market !

Here is a list of the fake sampler cd's from Argentina :

25 Grandes Exitos (2nd pressing)
A Hundred Years From Now
A Little Less Conversation - Elvis vs JXL
Elvis La Pelvis (26 tracks)
Elvis Latino! (1st pressing)
(The) Essential Collection
Elvis Latino! (2nd pressing)
Gracia Divina
(The) Live Greatest Hits - Mispressed promo
Happy Birthday ..... (1 Elvis Track)
RCA Victor 100 Anos - Elvis Presley

I hope that this is what you wanted to read !

Regards : Ron & Jessica - Netherlands

Sun May 04, 2003 1:34 am

Thanks for the info, it was very welcome.

But you have never heard of the sampler I mentioned? The only info I had was the catalogue number and the fact that it is a sampler with at least one Elvis song on it.

SP 03.09.95

I just wonder if it's know among Elvis CD collectors.

SP 03.09.95

Sun May 04, 2003 9:57 am

Hello again :D

I do not know this cd :!:

But i only collect Elvis cd's , that means no other artist are on my promo / sampler cd's (exerpt for 2).

This catalog number SP 03.09.95 is indeed an sampler with Elvis and other artist on it :!:

Ron & Jessica - Netherlands