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Re: Bobby Darin --> "I Wanna Spend Xmas With Elvis" (1956)

Thu Dec 23, 2010 10:58 pm

Another great post from the Doc!!!! ::rocks

Re: Bobby Darin --> "I Wanna Spend Xmas With Elvis" (1956)

Fri Dec 24, 2010 3:41 am

Bodie wrote:Another great post from the Doc!!!! ::rocks

Thanks! Merry Crimble to you!!

Re: Bobby Darin --> "I Wanna Spend Xmas With Elvis" (1956)

Thu Jan 31, 2013 2:47 am

Just love Elvis' versions of two great songs that were written by Bobby Darin "i want you with me" and "i'll be there".

Re: Bobby Darin --> "I Wanna Spend Xmas With Elvis" (1956)

Thu Jan 31, 2013 2:57 am

mysterytrainrideson wrote:Just love Elvis' versions of two great songs that were written by Bobby Darin "i want you with me" and "i'll be there".

The Darin covers are nice, if not entirely essential. Note that Woody Harris, not Bobby, wrote "I Want You With Me."

Woody Harris

Re: Bobby Darin --> "I Wanna Spend Xmas With Elvis" (1956)

Thu Jan 31, 2013 4:39 am

drjohncarpenter wrote:
Bob-Holland wrote:
drjohncarpenter wrote:Is it possible the cut on Golden Folk Hits is live?

Good question, it made me search real hard for some proof, and I managed to find these previews of the original album:

Pretty good album with an interesting choice of songs for this 27 year old singer. Many of the songs on this album are not yet released on any of the compilations. Next to the studio version of 'Mary Don't You Weep', I also never heard him do 'Green, Green' (sounds great!) and 'Abilene'. Yes, it's about time I put some more energy into tracking that deleted 2-on-1 CD on eBay!

According to James Burton (as well as Glen Campbell and Roger McGuinn) was part of the sessions for this album.

Although I question the validity of all three being on this session, let alone even one, it's clear the album is a studio creation. Thanks for finding the preview page!

Oh, and Off-Topic a touch: where did you find that 1969 image for your avatar?

It was thought for many years that Golden Folk Hits was recorded a few months after Darin's first foray into folk, Earthy. However, it has relatively recently come to light that both albums were recorded back to back in a mammoth session in late July 1962. The albums are quite different in tone and sound, and as far as is known one album was finished before work began on the next. Whether this was over two or three days is unclear. Either way, all 24 songs were cut at the epic session.

McGuinn and Campbell both attended the July 30th 1962 date, and this has been confirmed by McGuinn himself in an interview for the book on Darin by Jeff Bleiel. Burton was involved in the Golden Folk Hits album, but it's unknown if he was at the July 30th or 31st date, so he may not have been in the studio with McGuinn and Campbell. Interestingly, Nik Venet (darin's producer at the time) confirmed in interviews that Phil Ochs attended as a guest at some of the session for the albums. Whether he participated or not is unknown - some discographies suggest that he does, but I believe this is misinterpreted from the Venet interview which says he simply attended.

Capitol were a bit lost as to what to do with recordings, and didn't issue the Earthy album until July 1963 and Golden Folk Hits in November of the same year - nearly 18 months after it was recorded.

I agree the live version of Mary Don't You Weep (and I'm On My Way) is better (although I much prefer Springsteen's - what an uplifting pair of albums the Seeger CDs are). While Darin clearly loved this music, Golden Folk Hits always seemed to me to be slightly rushed, and with straightforward arrangements in comparison to the percussive-heavy, rather more imaginative Earthy. Now we know the true nature and dates of these sessions, the reason for the arrangements becomes perhaps a little clearer - Darin (not a well man) was probably spent and had run out of steam. His commitment to the music is shown, however, in how he incorporated it into his live act.

Darin can be heard in a promotional "National Guard" interview for the album here (interviewer is Martin Block):

Darin was a huge supporter of both John F and Robert Kennedy, and his appearance on the Judy Garland show, filmed just days after JFK's assassination was given over to the gospel songs I'm On My Way and Michael Row The Boat Ashore. He would write a tribute to Robert Kennedy and record it in 1968 or 1969 (date unknown). It is called simply "Memoriam".

This is from the Garland show:

Re: Bobby Darin --> "I Wanna Spend Xmas With Elvis" (1956)

Thu Jan 31, 2013 7:39 am

Folks, thanks for the nice post here. I have become a huge Bobby Darin fan and find him fascinating as a true artist trying to grab at so much great music while he still could.
Seeing them together is a treat. It was truly a golden age for American entertainment and you could say, popular music as an art.

I tend to prefer his more "Sinatra"-style era but find his elecletic forays into folk and what have you to be moving and sincere reactions to the times. His sad early demise (even younger than Elvis) only adds to the bitter-sweetness of his life. I recall my mother saying "oh, Bobby Darin! how young he died" and I only appreciated this years later.

There's a great one-hour documentary out there (originally on NBC, and narrated by Brian Williams) that is a chock full of his great performances on the network, plus some rare footage, such as a duet with the one and only Judy Garland. It's a great companion to the flawed but still-worthwhile bio-pic on him.

As for Marlene Paula's "I want to spend Christmas with Elvis" track, I managed to slip that into one of my radio shows years ago and found it woth a chuckle, if a bit hard to hear.

I enjoyed checking out the Sahara a few years ago, mindful of all its history but at last report, it's yet another old hotel in Vegas that has had to close. I'm going to be there again in a few weeks and will try to enjoy what's left of the old Vegas, once again. Some of it is there, some of it gone forever.

I've always liked that Darin-Elvis shot at the Sahara. Our hero should have relaxed and gone out more (as he did from time to time) and just enjoyed the talents out there. The more he got insulated from this, and swept up with his cocoon of good old friends from back home, safely away from the stage, the less he connected with the voices and the traditions of those who once moved him to join the ranks of "American Singer." Seeing him aside Darin reminds you of what great talent once walked this good Earth.

Regards, GREG

Re: Bobby Darin --> "I Wanna Spend Xmas With Elvis" (1956)

Thu Jan 31, 2013 8:12 pm


Re: Bobby Darin --> "I Wanna Spend Xmas With Elvis" (1956)

Thu Jan 31, 2013 9:41 pm

jurasic1968 wrote:Amazing!