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promised land:the harmony vocals overdub

Fri Nov 27, 2015 4:50 pm

hi everybody,

First of all, excuse my poor english.I wanna talk about a thing i discover a long time ago.
all sites,forums and fans knowledge related tom the harmony vocals made for the song are incorrect.I listened the track a hundred times with the purpose of to find the real differences betwen the released master and the other remixes that were released later.
Some says that elvis recorded the harmony vocal,others said that was charlie hodge:both are can listen very clearly
elvis and charlie singing the harmony on the full overdubbed master on the cd unedited masters-stax 1973 from venus.Listen carefully with headphones:theres 2 harmony vocals ,one of them in a higher tone,eg.charlie hodge.Its unlikely that charlie or elvis recorded the overdubs separately,i think that both sings together, of course on different tracks from the multitrack reel.
The overdubs were trough all the song except the verse "sure as youre brought me a silk suit put luggage in hand and i woke higher alberquerque on a jet to promised land working on a t-bone sreack a la carte flying over to the golden state ah when
the pilot told us in thirteen minutes he would set us at the terminal gate"
The This is Elvis edit uses both harmony vocals too.The standard single mix.contrary to the general acceptance uses the harmony vocal from Elvis in the lines"swing low chariot come down easy taxi to the terminal zone"(1.24 -1.28) and on the second time when repeats the line along the brass overdub(2.08).The harmony from charlie was elimitaded.
In fact this the way to ear the differences in the overdubs:in these two lines the single features only elvis in the harmony.and the unedited master and this is elvis both charlie and elvis sings .the difference is very clear.
Of course the remixes made for Walk a mile in my shoes and Second to none erroneously
ommits completely the harmony vocals.Overrall they are more powerful but not so good in the lines mentioned.because the elvis harmony inserted in the single reinforce these passages.
I know that all of this is not very important and maybe nonsense for several persons from the forum.but i love discover these things,because made think how and why certains decisions were made for the records i love.They are fascinating.because were made by humans and not computers like today.Those were the days when still the the singer and the band were at the same place and time for a record.Always fascinated me that Elvis recorded manually his harmony vocals.
I love the most part of Elvis performances from the seventies,i know that is not the same guy .not the same singer,and his decline but on Promised land really is the best Elvis from the fifhties again,really shines and the band is exceptional with him.
If you wanna check all the differences i mentione, do it,its a good excuse for listen the song again.Its worth the effort.

Re: promised land:the harmony vocals overdub

Fri Nov 27, 2015 5:29 pm

I don't care what they say, I'm 100% sure it's Charlie on the "This Is Elvis" version.

Re: promised land:the harmony vocals overdub

Fri Nov 27, 2015 6:03 pm

Yeah are ELVIS AND CHARLIE HODGE on both THIS IS ELVIS and the unedited master from venus cd.You can ear clearly 3 voices:the main and harmony from elvis and a third from charlie.THANKS