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Re: Which Elvis book, in your opinion, is the most credible?

Mon Dec 31, 2012 7:30 pm

I read many articles and reviews about him and his books

Re: Which Elvis book, in your opinion, is the most credible?

Mon Dec 31, 2012 7:49 pm

jurasic1968 wrote: He hated not only Elvis but everything about rock'n'roll music.

i had a book once containing goldman's essays and articles and it included a review of a 1970 vegas show that was absolutely positive so there must have been a point where his perspective on elvis changed.
i have read only excerpts of his elvis book so far. the stuff about elvis' uncircumcised pecker was pretty funny i must admit. think i'm going to read the rest of it too one day.

Re: Which Elvis book, in your opinion, is the most credible?

Mon Dec 31, 2012 8:39 pm

One must have in mind that th book was written short after Elvis Death. Most of the world didn't have a clue
about what the condition Elvis was in. Living outside U.S.A there was nothing indicated other that Elvis was the most handsome man living a perfect life and still on top of his game. I thought that Elvis was looking something that was near Aloha the last filmed footage of Elvis but the shock came when I saw EIC on television, then I could se the Connection to what I had read in the mentioned books.Both EWH and Albert Goldmans book reveled something else and gave the "saga" a very different point of view, not in a horrible manor but just showed me that everyting that was in the ordinary "fan" books wasn't neccesery the truth.

To say I have read a lot about Goldman and Review of that book and passed reading it myself must be the same
as I didn't buy the new FTD release couse someone else didn't like it so I skipped listened to it myself.

So again, read it with new Eyes and you might read between the lines in some causes but still there is a lot to
find out without coloured glasses.

Re: Which Elvis book, in your opinion, is the most credible?

Mon Dec 31, 2012 8:48 pm

patricia66 wrote:There is not ONE book that is most reliable. I would recommend to read as many as possible and to make up your own mind. Besides, it depends on what you are interested. If you are interested first of all in Elvis the singer and musician as well as his cultural impact, I would recommend the following:

* Richard Middleton: All Shook Up? Innovation and Continuity in Elvis Presley’s Vocal Style. in: Kevin Quain: The * Elvis Reader, New York, St. Martin’s Press 1992
* Jorgensen "A Life In Music"
* Daniel Wolff: Elvis in The Dark, The Threepenny Review, no. 79 (Autumn 1999)
* Michael T. Bertrand: Race, Rock And Elvis. How A White Take On Black Sounds Revolutionized Race Relations. University Of Illinois Press, Chicago / Illinois 2005
* Simon Frith: Wise Men Say: Elvis Presley, Essay in: Aspects of Elvis 1994
* Charles Hamm: Elvis, A Review, in: Putting Popular Music In Its Place, Cambridge University Press 1995, S. 131ff
* Greil Marcus: Dead Elvis
* Greil Marcus: Mystery Train: Images of America in Rock 'n' Roll Music
* Dave Marsh: Elvis, Omnibus Press 1992
* Georges Plasketes: Images of Elvis Presley in American Culture, 1977 – 1997, The Mystery Train, The Haworth Press 1992
* Henry Pleasants: The Great American Popular Singers, New York: Simon & Schuster 1974
* Sharp: Writing for the King

Guralnick's biography to me is a great piece of American literature, extremely well written, almost comparable to Melville's "Moby Dick". It is a great novel about the great American folk hero of the 20th century. But is it really the definite biography as the The New York Times claimed? Read what Middleton, Frith, Wolff, and Hamm have to say about Elvis Presley, it will help to put things into perspective.

With regard to the publications of the entourage members, read as many as you can. They all contain interesting stories, although they all include a lot of mistakes too. It's interesting with which people Elvis surrounded himself. Besides, the way the books are written reveal a lot about the authors, often more than about the person the book is about. No wonder "Revelations from the Memphis Mafia" ist such an interesting book title, though probably not in the sense the authors intended it to be :smt001 .

Thompson & Cole "The Death of Elvis" should be read together with Dr. Nichopoulos account published early this year. Two books about one topic that come to very different conclusions. Judge for yourself what is the more reliable account.

Excellent post! 100% agreeable!

Re: Which Elvis book, in your opinion, is the most credible?

Tue Jan 01, 2013 10:23 pm

Maybe I'll read both Goldman's books If I can do that for free. But to spend a lot of money to buy from Ebay these very critical books about Elvis, Iam sorry, I can't afford that. And to buy the second one fo reading that "Elvis commited suicide" it's beyond of the real world.