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Dear Ernst

Thu May 01, 2003 8:59 pm

I don't know if you still read any boards on the net, but i have a question.
First of all i would not put down anything that you or your colleagues are doing for us Elvis fans because unlike some i remember the releases from 1977 - 1990?. My question is - After recieving the absolutely fantastic soundtrack packages (The best packages i have seen on cd) would it not now be possible to release the Legendary Performer series in this way. You could reproduce the books in the same way as the soundtrack books. In my opinion this would be another beautiful release as are these soundtrack cds. Finally Please keep up the good work and don't let the knockers get to you, i can't wait for the next three around xmas time

thanx Paul

Thu May 01, 2003 10:59 pm

Paul -

'Legendary Performer' series on FTD ?

A lot of them have been superseded now [the rare tracks have been issued on other releases].

If they did it, they'd have to put two volumes on each release to give value-for-money.

Can't see it really.

Colin B

Fri May 02, 2003 6:03 am

All things are possible......
....if you only believe.

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Fri May 02, 2003 6:42 am

they can put more outtakes on these like the soundtracks.

curtis simpkins

Fri May 02, 2003 3:50 pm

Surely the point of releasing the soundtracks on FTD is because now that the “Double Features” are deleted the masters are unavailable elsewhere. This is not the case with the “Legendary Performer” albums. As Colin pointed out most of the tracks that were considered rare at the time of their release have since been re-issued on different projects, and the previously issued masters that were used for these albums are available on a number of other releases. The only tracks that remain un-issued on official CD releases are:

A Cane and High Starched Collar (take 2 false start)
Fame And Fortune (take 2)
Frankfort Special (take 13)
It Hurts Me (alternate edit)
Let Yourself Go (alternate edit)
Let It Be Me (February 15, 1970)
Plantation Rock (alternate edit)
Wooden Heart (takes 2 & 3 false starts)

In my opinion it would be a better idea for BMG to issue these missing tracks on new compilations that they are relevant to, rather than re-issue the entire “Legendary Performer” series.

Fri May 02, 2003 5:48 pm

Actually, take 13 of Frankfort Special can now be found on Silver Srceen Stero.

Mike C