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Sat Oct 04, 2003 6:07 am

I must admit this mystifies me as well. Next time, instead of listening for the quality of the sound, try listening for the quality of elvis' performance. You will appreciate the music more. I am having a hard time accepting this, with no evidence at all.
I bought lp's from every bootleg dealer out there and I still have all the lists, and this show simply never came out. It was not on one list that I ever saw from various dealers. If it was, it would have been snapped up by any elvis fantatic such as myself no matter the quality of the sound, simply because of the sheer rarity of the performance.
Yes i have read that the show was taped and the quality is poor, but if it came out on LP, it was done as a one time deal or something for posterity. It is funny both of you can't remember not a thing about where or who you saw this from. SGT, if you can remember the names of 3 people, name them, and see if anyone on this board can find them so we can un-cover a rarity.
One other thing....have either of you 2 ever heard any other rare un-released elvis performances?