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2nd To None - rip off (continued)

Mon Sep 29, 2003 8:47 pm


I've thoroughly read all the responses to my previous post. I would like to address some of them.


I have 2nd To None. Total running time is 79:59. Winfield Scott as well as Henrik Knudsen are credited in the liner notes for "I'm A Roustabout." We'll see who's an "idiot" come October 7 and I can assure you that it won't be me. Second of all Kylan, I really don't care how many times "I'm A Roustabout" was played at Graceland lawn. Do you think people were there anticipating every crackle and pop in the recording. No. They were there to generally hear the recording without analyzing it and have a good time with the announcement of the new song. I have to wonder Kylan since you and Ernst chatted about so-called "idiots like me" why you didn't chat to Ernst about hooking you up with a copy of 2nd To None prior to release. Or even about what tapes he's been able to obtain for BMG. Or what about talking about future releases. No, instead you talked about "idiots like me." I am very honored and humbled that you would talk so highly of me. I mean that sincerely. Sorry bub, but it sounds to me as if you were massaging Ernst's ego.


Sorry Getlo regarding the outtakes situation. When Ernst is well on his way to releasing the fourth or fifth outtake of a song, it's naturally going to get weaker. Even Dr. Carpenter referred to the outtakes of The Wonder Of You and A Fool Such As I as "inferior" and we had never had a live outtake of "The Wonder Of You" from the February 1970 engagement. Yes we did have a rehearsal of it on Platinum. My point is that if DJC is referring to a first outtake of a recording as inferior what will he and others think the other outtakes to come of that song. Will they be inferior as well. Or is Ernst's outtakes ok and Bendeth's not ok. That's what it sounds like to me. Why didn't any of you complain when 50 Greatest Love Songs came out and Ernst used the alternate of "And I Love You So" on it. Or the 50's boxset when Ernst made the same mistake regarding "A Big Hunk O' Love" and he still has never corrected it. That is plain out hypocritical in nature. I don't see where DJC has any point throwing that up as a fault of Bendeth if he's not going to do the same to Ernst. I will address this issue further down. Getting back to the outtakes, there already is a diminished interest in the FTD label. Hardly anyone on the messageboard talks about the latest FTD releases. However there seems to be more excitement regarding 30 #1 Hits and 2nd To None due to the fact that the masters would be cleaned up. It is my firm opinion and belief that the recent resurgence in all things Elvis has been mainly due to the remix of ALLC as well as 30 #1 Hits, not FTD or any boxset of outtakes. What I would have liked to have saw regarding Ernst and Bendeth is that Ernst would continue to operate the FTD label and anniversary boxsets where predominantly unreleased material is used. Bendeth would be used to rework Elvis' back catalog of original albums with an occasional compilation. This would have allowed both to work to their strong suits, Ernst's being research and Bendeth's being a sound whiz.

Lastly Getlo, get yourself a Delorium and get yourself "back to the future" so to speak. This ain't the 80's. It's 2003.


Where do I begin. Let's start with the whole issue that Bendeth should have insisted on having the alternates listed in the liner notes of 30 #1 Hits. I believe the liner notes were written by Guralnick (a friend of Ernst's mind you), why didn't Guralnick mention it. Don't b.s. me by telling me that Guralnick didn't have an advance copy of the CD on which to base the liner notes. Why didn't Ernst mention it in his brief essay regarding Elvis' different number ones. Can't tell me Ernst didn't have an advance copy of the CD as well. Only those two people can answer that but yet you continue to blame Bendeth for this. However Guralnick got to plug his two book biography on Elvis. Ernst got to do the research. EPE even got their 2 cents in with that page in the back selling tacky garbage.


And Bendeth was left standing to explain the feeding frenzy and be the fall guy. Are you familiar with the term 'pork-barrelling." It's a political term. Doc, did you ever consider the possibility that Ernst was brought on the 30 #1's project for research because Bendeth really didn't alot about Elvis but he did know how to tweak sound to obtain optimum effect. Ernst's Elvis knowledge and Bendeth's knowledge in mixing and tweaking monaural recordings should have been a marriage made in heaven but it ended up being more like a Michael Jackson-Lisa Marie Presley nuptial. Why I ask you? This should have never happened. Is is feasible or even possible that Ernst, from the beginning knowing full well that he wasn't getting first billing on the biggest Elvis compilation in the 25 years after Elvis' passing, sabotaged the record in order to keep Bendeth from crouching in on his territory. Hey when you got Kylan massaging Ernst's ego during Elvis week I have to wonder about that. Could it be that Ernst presented these alternates as masters to Bendeth knowing full well that 3 of them weren't masters. I don't think it's too far-fetched to think that. Ernst definitely would have been motivated to do such a deed considering the possibility that Bendeth, had he not been axed would have been asked to continue remixing Elvis' recordings and in essence replacing Ernst all together. Add that to Ernst's apparent insecurity issues that he needs Kylan's shoulder to cry on only adds up. Remember one thing, the music industry is a cut-throat business with vice-presidents, presidents, producers, consultants, etc. always looking to take out the person either ahead of them or below them and closing in on the corporate ladder. Life is very much the same way.

Also Doc, why can't Bendeth be a musical genius. Just because he's not a performer shouldn't limit him. I would consider Sam Phillips a musical genius. Maybe twenty or thirty years from now when 30 #1 Hits has sold 100 million copies, maybe just maybe you would reconsider what you said.

Before I forget doc, get a sense of humor as apparently you didn't get it in my first post.


Who proved to be ultimately right on the button regarding TTWII-SE. That's what I thought.


Let's just say that I have connections to where 2nd To None was replicated.


Ernst should be compared to Bendeth much in the same way that Bardani (from E1) should be compared to Ferrante.


You mustn't be a roustabout cause a roustabout can't get mad. Re-read your original post :D :D :D

Lastly I would like to add is that although some of the songs from 2nd To None do sound really good, it is my general impression that you will not be blown away or surprised with the mixes. They are for the most part consistent with what has been available before. In fact it sounds as if they were just DSD'd.

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Mon Sep 29, 2003 9:04 pm

Nice post Daryl...especially regarding the DOC. Benedith is not the Elvis expert, but he did do a good job on E1 considering what he had to work with.

Mon Sep 29, 2003 9:12 pm

No Daryl, its called a nice guy talking to another nice guy..Not everyone in life is a cynical, I hate everything, it all sucks negative SOB.. Im not calling u an sob, im describing the attitude of most on here. If people on here got out more and smelled the roses one might have a better attitude!

Mon Sep 29, 2003 9:16 pm

and btw Daryl, I think thats so neat u got a copy before everyone else did, you must be special man! :) wish i was that special. oh well, just a regular guy here. and if I dont like it, ill personally send you an bout that? man I hope i can hear Elvis singing with all that static and pops going on... damn!!!! sigh