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Bmg Should Delete Any Elvis Albums

Yes They Should Delete Some Elvis Cds
No They Shouldnt Delete Any Elvis CDs
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Bmg Should Delete Any Elvis Albums

Tue Apr 29, 2003 5:32 am

I Just Like To See other People Opinion's On This
For Me I Don't Think They Should Delete Any Elvis Albums
At All.

Because We Get New Elvis Fans Every Day
And If BMG Delete These Cds The New Fans

Well Never Get A Chance To Get These Great Cds Of Elvis.

Curtis Simpkins :D

Delete CDs-YESSSSS!!!!

Tue Apr 29, 2003 7:14 am

Curtis,theyve GOT to delete some.I have read on this message
board people wondering why Elvis hasent recieved any
RIAA Diamond awards(given for releases that sell
ten million units).If they keep 50-100 cd's in the catologue,
this wont happen.Because no one can possibly beat out the
competition from the others.In other words,in the
current situation,Elvis is esentially competing with himself.

Tue Apr 29, 2003 7:19 am

They Don't Need To Delete All Albums
They At Least Should Keep His Original
Albums Anyway.

Curtis Simpkins

Tue Apr 29, 2003 9:00 pm

curtis simpkins wrote:Hi JB
They Don't Need To Delete All Albums
They At Least Should Keep His Original
Albums Anyway.

Curtis Simpkins
I would agree up to a point.
All the early studio LPs,say,from 1956-62.But they should cut the
catologue down to 20 cds,and pit alt. takes,etc. on th ftd label.

Tue Apr 29, 2003 9:17 pm

They just have to delete things like all those greatest hits compilations. Not cd's like the DF series.
Ohterwise, there's no oppertunity for new fans to buy those songs. And new fans also want to buy the DF series.
There are a lot of good songs in it, like Look out, broadway :wink:

Tue Apr 29, 2003 10:24 pm

Yes. For many years there were far too many compilations in the Presley catalogue, and to a certain extent there still are, but at least following the success of “ELV1S”, BMG have realised that the catalogue needs to be trimmed considerably, and have taken steps to do so.

I haven’t agreed with all the decisions they have taken whilst streamlining the catalogue, and I’m sure we would all come up with a different list of “essential”
titles if we were asked to do so, but this doesn’t alter the fact that there were far too many albums available. I agree that new fans need to be able to discover the music for themselves, but this isn’t always an easier task just because every album title is still available. Sometimes this can make things even more confusing. Just look at some of the posts on this board from time to time from new collectors asking about the differences between certain releases, which look as though they contain exactly the same material.

Most of Elvis best music is still available in BMG’s current list of “50 Essential Titles”. There are of course some glaring omissions, “Elvis Is Back” and “Tiger Man” for example, but since the list was published the absence of “Tiger Man” had already been explained by the forthcoming 35th anniversary CD edition of the NBC TV special, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there are plans for “Elvis Is Back” in the none too distant future.

That’s not to say that the rest of the material should be forgotten or overlooked, but with BMG now prepared to use FTD as an outlet for deleted titles, any new fans who develop an interest in Elvis’ music that is keen enough to make them want to purchase the deleted titles and lesser known songs, will be well served in the future by the FTD label.

Tue Apr 29, 2003 11:46 pm

I totally agree -- delete all Elvis' CD except for 10 or so (at the most). Of course, maybe I'm being selfish because I have all the CDs anyway. When you go into a record shop (in the U.S.A. anyway) you see dozens of Elvis' CDs. Is it any wonder the casual consumer is confused?

I would cut the Elvis' catalogue to:

1. '50s Box Set;
2. '60s Box Set;
3. '70s Box Set;
4. White Christmas (to be deleted when "Christmas Peace" is released);
5. 30 # 1 Hits;
6. Gospel CD Set;
7. Great County Songs;
8. Heart & Soul;
9. Elvis '56;
10. Command Performances (movie songs).

I would keep in circulation all the FTD CDs. It's nice to see them all on display at the Graceland Shops.

Mystery Train

Fri May 02, 2003 6:48 pm

Some of the compilations ought to be deleted, but they should keep as much of the original albums available on CD as much as possible.
[Even if it's mostly through the Graceland catalog or the fan clubs - the CDs "Love Letters From Elvis", "Elvis (Including 'Fool')", "Raised On Rock", "Good Times", "Today", "From EP Blvd.", and "Welcome To My World" come to mind].

Some of the extra Christmas and Gospel compilations can be trimmed.
Just keep the two original Christmas albums (Elvis' Christmas Album, The Wonderful World of Christmas), the original gospel albums (His Hand In Mine, How Great Thou Art, He Touched Me), the two gospel compilations (Amazing Grace, Peace In the Valley CD set), the two Christmas compilations (Memories of Christmas, If Everyday Was Like Christmas), and then just delete the other Gospel and Christmas compilations. (I thought they went overboard on the compilations - especially when there were no alternate takes released).

Keep the following:
All five volumes of "Elvis Golden Records" (or Gold Records)
Artist of the Century (the 4 CD set)
Afternoon at the Garden
Aloha From Hawaii ('98 release)
The box sets (Platinum-A Life In Music, Today, Tomorrow, and Forever, Elvis Aron Presley, A Golden Celebration, Vegas box set, TTWII-SE, Collectors Gold, Tiger Man come to mind)

Tom (from Ohio)