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The last golden age of Elvis and unreleased footage.........

Wed Jul 23, 2003 2:19 am

The last golden age of Elvis and unreleased footage..........

Though of course people are still discovering Elvis to this day, and some become hardcore fans and no doubt this will continue for some time to come, consider the following.

This could well be the last golden age of Elvis. The Elvis community currently consists of not only new fans, but a large number of fans who were there right at the start in the 50's along with all those who came along during the 60's and 70's and those that found out about the king because of the exposure following the tragic events of 1977.

In short I suggest the majority of Elvis' hardcore fanbase at this moment in time would consist of people who were actually born sometime during Elvis' lifetime.

Consider also, even with the huge impact last year of the ALLC single and ELV1S , how many buyers were sufficiently interested to delve deep into Elvis' back catalogue. Is it known - do we have the figures. For sure there was a lot of new interest in Elvis last year but just how deep did this interest go.

Now consider the amount of footage that has yet to see the light of day. Much speculation has been made of just how much exists but now is the 'last golden age' and this material <b>must</b> be made available.

From a fan perspective it is huge disappointing that so much footage has been kept under wraps for so long and from a commercial perspective if it is sat on for too long there simply won't be enough interest or marketability to make any unreleased footage projects viable.

There are many aspects that inspire such loyalty and dedication to Elvis - it is a shame to imagine that we may never have access to a whole wealth of footage that is just tucked away gathering dust. If it doesn't get put out soon (in the last golden age) it maybe never will.

The race is on - can the unreleased footage so many of us crave beat the sands of time ?

Wed Jul 23, 2003 2:28 am

Good post!!

I think most will agree that this "drip-feeding" is getting a bit tiring...


Wed Jul 23, 2003 4:47 am

By now we should be asking for upgraded versions of this footage, with all original footage released many years ago.

It is very sad that this footage is just lying around gathering dust with no one able to appreciate it. :cry:


Wed Jul 23, 2003 4:56 am

Yes it sure as hell is sad that all this unseen footage is sitting, but of course with Elvis it is all about the bottom line which is the profit line, like what happened to the footage on TTW. It would seem that the firms that hold the footage, should maybe consider that by time they make the big dollar deal, half of the fan base will be dead, so folks , get off your butts get the deals done, and get the footage out so we can all appreciate it.

Wed Jul 23, 2003 6:04 am

Interesting thought. I am hesitant to say that interest in Elvis will diminish in the near future as people have been saying this since 1954. I think next year will see a wealth of interesting items released as it is the 50th anniversary of Elvis's career. I personally think Elvis will always be popular among those who truly appreciate music, and cultral icons (and not media endorsed hype), but that being said, one has to think that there is only SO MUCH more out there to be seen. Turner needs to learn one thing killed TTWII special edition- a fatal lack of promotion. It Didn't ever show in theaters, aside from the orpheum! The beatles hard days night even did that, and it can't even hold a candle to TTWII special.


Wed Jul 23, 2003 1:23 pm

Sadly there is till too much profit in all things Elvis. If we (older) fans are going to be able to see any of the unreleased material sales may have to come down to around the 2/ 3000 level when people who hold rights and things may decided to get out before the profits dissapear.You can then expect small scale operators to fill in or the material being licenced out.
A good level would be something like Nat King Cole material,does anyone know or have sales figures for Nat King Cole CD /DVDs ?and by the way what is the industry standard "first pressing order" USA/EU anyone in the trade here ?