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Tue Jul 22, 2003 10:31 pm

It is great being an Elvis fan today with all the new releases and projects that are being planned.

Many of you know that I never have posted messages on this board or any other board before. Although over the years, I have always looked through to see what interesting subjects us fans are talking about. But over the past month I keep seeing the subject about Rubberneckin remix come up which now, I have been watching closely.

This being my first time on the message board was sparked by the topic of "Rubberneckin" which I believed was a great song not only in the film "Change of Habit" but the live version as well, they both really kick! Like I said, I don't do message boards but I really do feel strongly about the Rubberneckin remix situation and would like to share my opinion with you all.

Having listened to both the Oakenfold and "Groove Mix" versions I opt for the latter. It is true to the original release and shows more of a creative aspect by using the same musical tracks, an unbelievable idea and one that I think works. I would like to see more releases such as this!

I listened to the Oakenfold mix a few times. He seems to have thrown everything into this mix. We in the States say "you've thrown everything into it except the kitchen sink." Meaning, what a mess! Although I think this would appeal to a more less than 20 years age group with all those unnecessary whirling noises, the Groove mix would definitely satisfy a wider audience.

This single is also intended to promote the CD 2nd to none that will be released. So why not use the "Groove Mix" which is a compliment to the CD. Oakenfold's mix doesn't fall within the mix of the soon to be released CD. I know BMG though process, would sell as many CDs based on the sampling of "Rubberneckin".

What happens when they purchase the CD and all the material is original, not the mixed versions. Remember "A Little Less Conversation" had the promotional push of a major ad campaign to help sales. I would love to see the "Groove Mix" added to the release of the single and CD album release.

It is us the Elvis fans who have driven sales through the years and it seems we have been neglected on this release. I agree with bringing new fans on board, but don't forget your base.

Now we all have to accept the fact that the Oakenfold version is being released. After all the money spent on it, they can't back away now. We would just have to accept it and I believe this is a major blunder of BMG, but if they had sense they would include the Groove mix as an additional track on the CD and all will be OK again.

The benefits of this I believe first and foremost, BMG cant loose. Also it makes a more exciting single (that I would buy) and would I believe, get to No 1.

Also everyone is happy and all the benefits are for BMG. I would love a version of a remastered (I believe has not happened yet) copy of the Groove mix on a CD. Not the MP3 version I have here. It's exciting and it's still an Elvis track. Oakenfold has stayed true to himself and not Elvis at all. It's like he just put a record over his stuff. It has too much over sampling that has destroyed the original completely. At least with the JXL remix, that did not happen.

Imagine 2 Elvis No. 1s at the same time. That would be a first! Come on BMG, get your heads together, this is a unique opportunity!

I have spoken to many people regarding this and after hearing that the radios prefer the Groove mix; we must try and push this forward. Also now I believe fan clubs are joining in the debate. I don't blame them at all!

I would like to see BMG release the Oakenfold version for the clubs; "Groove Mix" for us loyalist and new comers into the Elvis world.

NOW that CD single would be worth buying if the 2 versions were included and you can reserve me the first copy.

Is not amazing we have 2 English guys one mixes it in north London another in south London, sheer coincidence.

As for the video, if one will be made, use the version in the film "Change of Habit". With today’s technology they can cut Elvis from the movie and paste him to a different environment. This is where they can include different footage to update the look and feel. Elvis looks so cool and fits in today as he did back then.

I am placing this message on all the relevant boards relating to Rubberneckin. As far as I believe BMG have not yet started pressing the CD for the September release which means if we all shout can scream about it, they will see sense to include the Groove mix on the single.

So, I wish to start a campaign, not to scrap the Oakenfold version because that is too late, but to include the Groove mix to satisfy everybody with the biggest benefits going to BMG and Elvis with 2 hits at the same time. NO one can loose and it's great for Elvis!

Please share your support on this. I know radio stations in the UK and some here in the States have and fans are starting but we have got to be heard and be heard quick before it's too late.

I will continue to support the King! Thank you for allowing me to offer my opinions and look forward to healthier dialog presented on this board.

Tue Jul 22, 2003 11:07 pm

Please stop this childish stuff. If you don't like the remix, then don't buy it. It's as simple as that.

Wed Jul 23, 2003 9:40 am

The problem is that this person has posted the same message five times on this message board. One gets the impression that this is the person behind the "Groove" mix, or one of his friends.
The Oakenfield mix is the one that was chosen by BMG. Live with it, and stop this little ridiculous "campaign".

Wed Jul 23, 2003 10:10 am

Yeah dude, give it a rest!

Wed Jul 23, 2003 2:21 pm

Yes but with all these threads going he is making some valid points that we as Elvis fans should keep in mind. I have seen fans on threads love it or hate it let his point come across if thats what he feels to get vthe message. If this is the guy I think it is i think he writes for Elvis mags and clubs around the world. I say that as he does use his real name. For someone who is well known in Elvis world and not having to hide himself is great so thats fine.What a great idea but what do you propose jkereta
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Wed Jul 23, 2003 2:48 pm

I think jkereta has some valid points and thats why he has posted his opinions and views on this messageboard.

And I can only echoe what jkereta has said and that I would like to see the Groove mix added to the new single, I am not asking for it to replace PO's remix in any way. It would'nt change the fact that Paul Oakenfold's remix would be the BMG's main remix on the single, thats already been established, but the Groove mix is gaining in popularity with the fans and with radio stations that'll now plugging it, and with it freely available to download there are plenty of us who have taken advantage of that as well.

And one more note on the Groove mix... it has'nt had a final mix yet so the vocal and instruments still need slight tweeking . All in all it's a terriffic mix and it's certainly no worse than PO's remix thats why I surpport a campaign to see this on the forth coming single as opposed to seeing it released on some kind of import cd sometime in the future which will most likely happen.


Wed Jul 23, 2003 2:59 pm

garry100 -

Yes, the 'Groove Mix' needs 'smoothing out' somehow; seems a little 'rough round the edges'.

Could do with a deeper, stronger bass line too.

But that would go against the 'only using the original recording' policy, wouldn't it ?

Wed Jul 23, 2003 3:06 pm

Whether the 'Groove Mix' is better or not than the 'Oakenfold Mix' there is no way that BMG are now going to change their minds. The Oakenfold Mix is the one, like it or not. I like it.

Brian :D

Wed Jul 23, 2003 3:13 pm

Brian I think you are on the wrong thread or missing the point on this. We already know that BMG are not changing their minds and that it is accepted. The point on this thread from what I can see is to add the G mix to the single. Its good enough even with Oakenfold taking the front. Garry100 is right, why let a great track turn up on some unliceneced country album with no royalties to BMG and or EPE.

Wed Jul 23, 2003 3:24 pm

I think they should have just remixed "Wooden Heart" :D


Wed Jul 23, 2003 3:25 pm

Cannot see what all the fuzz is about with the "groove" mix. I have listened to it, and I don't really like it. If there is really anyone out there that thinks that this version has hitpotential, then I'd suggest that they need a new pair of ears.

Wed Jul 23, 2003 4:08 pm


After finally hearing a nice, clear version of "Rubberneckin'" (PO mix) - it's not even close. Paul's remix is much better. Sure, I like the "groove" mix - but there's no comparision.

If you like the "groove" mix better - then that's your right and your opinion. And I respectfully - and totally - disagree with you that BMG should have both versions of the song on the single.

BMG has made their decision, and they should stick to it.

And if radio wants to play the "groove" mix - then I don't know what BMG can do about that. I certainly don't agree with it. Radio should be playing the correct, official version.