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Mon Jul 21, 2003 11:54 pm

Well I see now after a visit to the other site, why the web master has changed the name of it to that. After attacking last week now they are attacking this web site. If there was any credibility for that site there isn't any now. Why all of a sudden are these websites being trashed by Disney's website? At least when this sight banned the use of that other site, there was no attacks on it, it was done and over with. I think FECC is one of the best sites online, along with Neither have really bothered other websites. Elvisnews in the past did reviews on web sites, but they did not bash the websites like "disney's" site has been doing.


GEORGE :oops:
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Tue Jul 22, 2003 12:37 am

Lots of good sites are being hacked recently... I guess it has something to do with the summer vacation. All those 15 year old wizzkids that have nothing else to do than hacking "for fun"....

Tue Jul 22, 2003 10:01 am

Looks like it has has changed again (see off topic forum), this time to a more fitting name, since Disney can be amusing. :lol:

Tue Jul 22, 2003 10:12 am

Well Sven, this one amuses me as well....

Tue Jul 22, 2003 10:18 am

Well Lizzy , i do expected it from everyone but not from you (after all what she has done for you and only you knows what i mean) ! A pitty and a shame !

Ron & Jessica - Netherlands

Tue Jul 22, 2003 10:27 am

Sorry Ron, but a day without a smile is a day without living.... I can't help my sense of humor, and this one really made me rolling on the floor. It's a pity you don't understand humor as well as I do, life would be so much more fun for you

Tue Jul 22, 2003 10:59 am

Lizzy , i do have more humor than you think (you supose to know that) and i am always in for a joke ! Only in this case you should know better , this is no joke , you know what is behind it ! I only wish that i could speak with you and Lex about this extremely hate against A. ! I wonder if you would react the same when would be called (always old news taken from other sites) :? You and Lex are really not the folks from a year ago ! Why ? I gues that it is the mid-life crisses or something like that ! I just hope to speak to you again without stoopid messageboards , maybe in September in the Rai than there is a recordfair and i will be there to !

Kind regards,

Ron & Jessica - Netherlands

Tue Jul 22, 2003 2:11 pm

I think you need to "take in" the long standing bad history to understand the reason behind disneyland being banned, if you don't understand this then you need to take on board what's happening now & realise that her past adventures/misadventures were even worse.

Tue Jul 22, 2003 3:09 pm

Hello Ray , if you replay to my replay than i do know what the story is behind everything ! But what i don't understand is why all off this has to beiing fight out on 3 of the best sites ! Again , on this topic is someone who is using a name that is not correct only to start the fight again ! But , okay , who am i ?

Maybe this would be a great topic !

What would Elvis write to all the webmasters and on this messageboard about this fight !

I know it :

"When I was a child, ladies and gentlemen, I was a dreamer. I read comic books, and I was the hero in the movie. So every dream that I ever dreamed has come true a hundred times. I learned very early in life that without a song, the day would never end; without a song, a man ain't got a friend; without a song, the road would never bend; without a song. So I keep singing a song."

Ron & Jessica - Netherlands

Tue Jul 22, 2003 3:40 pm

I would love to join in this thread.

But I don't know what the hell you're all talking about.

Tue Jul 22, 2003 4:53 pm

Thanks ColinB! I was too embarrassed to admit that. But whatever it is, it's probably a disgrace and should be stopped.

There I feel I've contributed! :wink:

Tue Jul 22, 2003 5:00 pm

The three best sites??
It's not a war between websites, for (deleted - see guidelines #9) is the only website who is making accusations. it's a one way street to get some attention.
The National Enquirer website is the only site who is putting trash and putting personal attacks.

This website and elvisnews are first class and showing their class with not
bashing other websites.
If you want to read trash go to (deleted - see guidelines #9).com and if you want info on Elvis go to the four best websites around namely Elvisworld Japan, FECC, EIN and Elvisnews.

Wed Jul 23, 2003 1:08 am

tx Maurice, finally someone over here who knows the truth when he reads it....

gr. Lizzie

Wed Jul 23, 2003 1:21 am

Can someone please explain what this is all about????????

Wed Jul 23, 2003 2:33 am

The most recent blow up came about over Pyramid's "The Perfect Gift" vs. Lonestar's "The Man in White vol. 4".
Some people just don't understand that collectors are not interested in CDRs. No matter how much better they claim it to be, it's just a CDR that any of us could have made at home. FECC does not review or mention these CDR releases simpily because this is "For Elvis CD Collectors Only" not "For Elvis CD & CDR Collectors Only".
This in turn sparks others to think that some websites are not giving fair reviews and/or comparisons. But, from a collectors standpoint, you just cannot compare a CD against a CDR. The one-sided battle has now branched out onto other accusations and looks as if though it will grow even larger.
Nobody ever said "The Man in White vol. 4" is the greatest thing since sliced bread, just that it is better than any CDR of the same show.

Wed Jul 23, 2003 4:14 am

Thanks For The Info.

Wed Jul 23, 2003 10:14 am

MaHalo, I was not speaking directly to you or for that matter any other posters above yours or mine. All I was stating is that "people don't just start existing in the Elvis World one day without having a past history", if someone gets burnt once, twice, thrice & so on.....that's it, you can't just say "aaaahh so what, forgive & forget", especially when it happens again, again, infinitum. But that's that and really all ANYONE ever needs to do is take on board the 100% truth both SWMcCarty & Maurice have stated above, also read the so called interviews on and you'll easily understand the mind you're dealing with.

BTW It's got even funnier (if it wasn't so sad/plum pitiful) as is now even saying the Czech website hates the reviews/bad slinging off that gives it's CD's (not cdr's) I said funny as anyone visiting can easily read that praises the Czech releases :shock:

aaahhh I see what's also up, on the Czech website under links there is no link to the website......mmmm wonder why.

Wed Jul 23, 2003 10:29 am

We are not allowed on this board to talk about various other sites, certain labels and releases. Those names will be automatically converted to another (stupid) word.

Pretty weird and childish....

Wed Jul 23, 2003 10:42 am

Nothing against you Albert, but neither FECC or are making any comments about, the only people talking are all the posters above & the childish amazing claims at We is the name not allowed, well as the FECC member rules state (the fact that they are 'rules' means they can do as they is their own messagboard....not anyone else's to make rules). As I stated about both Maurice & SWMcCarty could not have said it any better, they are spot on.

Wed Jul 23, 2003 4:56 pm

I think the webmaster of Disneyland should stop this petty feud. It seems their whole web site has been taken up by this story! I guess it makes a change from plagerising other people's work and writing a*se licking interviews. Do all their writers have to pledge how great the site is before they can post there???

I guess disneyland are just pi$$ed off they are always gonna be a mickey mouse site.