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Was and Is There a Huge Warehouse Full of Elvis' Stuff??

Fri Jul 18, 2003 11:36 am

I've been to Memphis 3 times in the last ten years and each time I visit Graceland I'm amazed at how much of Elvis' possesions are on display. The TV he shot out is the best example, oh and all his clothes, etc.

I replaced my TV recently and took the old one to the tip. (It's ilegal to own guns in this country, you gotta hide the evidence! :wink: ) I don't have clothes from 20 years ago in the back of my closet/wardrobe.

What was the deal with Elvis keeping all this stuff? Where did he keep it?

I know there's the archives now, but why did he hang on to all this stuff while he was alive?

I'm aware of a mental illness called "Diogenes Syndrome" where people usually compulsively collect rubbish, like newspapers and bottles. But what was going on with Elvis?

Fri Jul 18, 2003 1:14 pm

maybe he gave it to someone and they keep it because oh that shirt has belong to Elvis ...... I have heard that they have kept a toasted sandwich from John Lennon.
And now a few days ago I saw that they sell JFKs uncleaned underpants ...yuck .. :shock:

Fri Jul 18, 2003 4:36 pm

Tupelo Boy,
I asked Vester about this many years ago during an interview and he told me that Elvis rarely threw anything away. Vester said it was due to Elvis being so poor as a kid and being afraid of losing it all, so he just kept everything. He said that the attic was beyond full and there was alot more stuff "stored behind the house." I hope this helps.


Fri Jul 18, 2003 5:01 pm

Perhaps you already know this, but there is indeed a huge warehouse at "an undisclosed location" in Memphis where all kinds of Elvis's things are cared for and catalogued by people with most enviable jobs! There is also a smaller building which houses some very valuable documents, I believe, which is said to be bulletproof, waterproof, tornado-proof, everything-proof. I don't recall what exactly was kept there. All of this was featured on a TV program which aired last year or the year before--I think it was Elvis Presley's Graceland. The same people produced one called Elvis Presley's Memphis which I do recall aired on the Travel Channel right around the same time.

Fri Jul 18, 2003 9:12 pm

Thanks Folks.

The current arrangement makes sense, it was just getting a grip on the fact that all the stuff was there iun the first place.

Vester's explanation makes sense. Although I've never been that poor, having posed the question, I realise that I've still got all my LP's from the last 30 or so years, and Major Matt Mason, and a teddy bear from my 1st birthday, a bunch of dinky toys, a set of golf clubs, (unused for 15 years, but if you fancy 9 holes Tom!) and an original Star Trek ray gun that I had to eat six boxes of corn-flakes to acquire when I was ten years old!

Would anyone like to visit my museum? :shock:

Fri Jul 18, 2003 9:42 pm


I figured you were thinking more in terms of when he was alive, but I thought I'd mention that in case anyone hadn't heard about that. That was a really cool special, particularly the parts that covered that topic.

Fri Jul 18, 2003 9:44 pm

Now, If we can just find where that warehouse is!

Fri Jul 18, 2003 11:43 pm

I've thought long and hard about posting this message........ I know where they are but I can't tell you.

A few years ago when there was a tornado warning in Memphis some of the staff got an emergency call out to one of the warehouses (there are two places) and on arrival one of the doors was hanging off one of the warehouses, you could see some of the 'goodies' inside, including a 1950's tractor from GRACELAND not disimiliar to the one he rides at the beginning of JAILHOUSE ROCK.
Believe it or not this is a TRUE story and it seems Elvis didn't even get rid of his old machinery either, it wasn't just clothes and stuff.
Obviously warehouse security and protection has now been improved emmensly ! !

Fri Jul 18, 2003 11:49 pm

...will you should tell us if you are a true friend!

Sat Jul 19, 2003 1:40 am

I am a true friend, I can't be too obvious can I ?

Sat Jul 19, 2003 1:48 am

ME4EP wrote: "on arrival one of the doors was hanging off one of the warehouses, you could see some of the 'goodies' inside, including a 1950's tractor from GRACELAND"

Sounds like something from the "Roswell Cover-up" :lol:

Sat Jul 19, 2003 3:09 am

I find it VERY strange to hang on to a TV set which has been shot at!

Still, it's a blast from the past (pun intended!), and a bit of history, which is fasinating.

I wonder why Elvis hung on to the jumpsuits for so long? Or did he just put stuff away and forget about it?

I'm very grateful Elvis didn't throw things away - we could have been left with virtually nothing. As it is, it's a fabulous peek into an amazing life.

Sat Jul 19, 2003 1:24 pm

The TV on display at GRACELAND that's 'all shot up' was kept by the repair agent who took it away.
It was kept by him and returned to GRACELAND.