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Rubberneckin' Remix-A disgrace to Elvis!!!

Thu Jul 17, 2003 7:18 pm

I,ve just downloaded the official Remix of Rubberneckin' and have been left totally dissappointed.
The homemade'Groove mix' is much better and i wasn't quite sure of that.

I,ve got no problem remixing the music but what have they done to Elvis's voice?
What is so wrong with his voice on the original that they have to change it?

I,m not sure what they have done to it but his voice sounds terrible on it.
Why didn't they just leave it alone.
The start of the remix doesn't even shock you straight away as appose to the original with the fantastc guitar lick and then Elvis's voice comes through clear as day but this is just a dance version and no where near as good as ALLC remix.
Why didn't BMG get a Elvis fan to remix it or posted 6 or 7 different remixes and let us 'the fans' decide which one to pick.
If this is what todays music is supposed to be then they can keep it.

I think i can speak for everyone when i say' Elvis would have hated it'.

Thu Jul 17, 2003 9:09 pm

Elvis might possibly have hated "ALLC", "The Elvis Medley" or the entire "Guitar Man" album, but I don't think producing something Elvis would have liked was BMG's main motivation here. However, shouldn't we wait until we know for certain whether the "Rubberneckin'" remix that is featured on the "Elvis World Japan" site is the Oakenfold mix, before we start criticising and/or blaming BMG for it.

It is difficult to judge this mix based on the quality of the MP3 that’s currently available, but surely the sole purpose of these mixes is to attract new fans, and if some of the people that buy this remix go on to buy “Second To None” or any other Elvis album that they may find appealing, the mix will have served it’s purpose, and those that are interested will get to hear what Elvis was reallyall about soon enough.

Thu Jul 17, 2003 9:24 pm

As has been said let us wait for the official mix.Anyone can claim that they have the mix at this time.Unless Oakenfold has made a copy or tried to recreate what he did for BMG or or...... well the speculation is endless.

I have said it before and I say it again please BMG put out an official 20" teaser as an Ad for the single/album.It will put down the rumours and expose those who make false claims.

Thu Jul 17, 2003 9:28 pm

Do you think we have heard the new remix yet? Or is this all a cunning ploy, to let a few versions 'escape'?

It would be a good idea for BMG to let a few of the versions sneak out - and when the time is near, release the 'official' version.

I think we should all wait until we finally are 100% certain on which will be the new remix, before we can pass comment.

Thu Jul 17, 2003 9:33 pm

I have a copy of the promo for this remix and the one featured on Elvis World Japan is the Oakenfold mix.

If you think the radio edit version is bad, you don't want to hear the 12" version.

I have been lucky enough to hear a lot of the Rubberneckin' remixes and I don't believe that Oakenfold has done a good job at all.

It's just my own view, but I feel that using the Oakenfold mix is a mistake. The 'Groove Mix' is miles better.

complete elvis 8)

Thu Jul 17, 2003 9:57 pm

Can someone please enlighten me? When does a Promo get put out and in what quantities? Do BMG release promos only for collectors or is it aimed at DJs/Radio station managers and maybe even "friendly DJs"?Can anyone confirm even ONE radio station has recieved it? If it is an original OFFICIAL promo sent out by BMG has it been played even ONCE on any Radio station in this whole wide world ?

I have not heard this Groove remix and it may well be a good one.I read somewhere (maybe this board itself) that the creator himself was willing to "gift" his remix to BMG even as a B side to the Oakenfold version.Is this a measured way to try and get BMG to accept his "Groove re mix version" ?

Fri Jul 18, 2003 12:22 am


A promo is normally issued to promote a forthcoming release. It can be released on vinyl or CD and are usully released in small quantities.

The Rubberneckin' promo is limited to tastemakers only (whatever that means) and was issued by BMG UK through their BMG Club Promotions office.

I hope that is helpful to you.

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Fri Jul 18, 2003 11:26 am

I been playing this remix over and over and I am beginning to like it. It's still a untidy mix but it is growing on me. :shock:

I wonder what the video will look like. I didn't like the video for allc at first, but after awhile I liked it and it went down very well on the Elvis The Concert tour.

As soon as any info about the new video comes available, I will post the details on this board.

complete elvis :P