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Promoting his albums

Mon Jul 14, 2003 8:16 pm

I was listening to my copy of Gyrating Asheville the other day, and it got me thinking about how Elvis promoted his LP's. In this concert, he performed 3 different songs from his Today album. The day after(or before?) he performed a 4th song, Pieces of My Life. It got me thinking about how past 1970-71, Elvis really didnt do much as far as promote his albums. He did songs like Burning Love, and Help Me Make It through the Night in 1972, but those were primarily single releases. From his Raised on Rock Album, he did Raised on Rock once, so I wouldnt call that promoting it. Same goes for Good Time Charlie from the Good Times Album. He did sing My Boy quite often, however. From Promised Land he did sing Its Midnight quite often, and Promised Land every now and then. And the same goes for Hurt, from the EP Boulevard album. As far as Moody Blue, singing it once on stage isnt really promoting it. And Unchained Melody was sung on stage long before it was planned on going into an album. Same goes for If You Love Me and Let Me Be There. In the Gyrating Asheville concert, Elvis makes a point to say "this is a song from my new album...." He never really did that past 1970 or so. Or not consistantly atleast.

My point of all this is, if Elvis had put even a little effort into promoting his new albums, he could have sold so many more and added to the records of sales that he already has today. Even if he would simply mention on stage that these next few songs he's about to sing are from his new album. People would be more aware and exposed to the songs.

And on a side note, I even wonder sometimes if Elvis knew what albums were being released. In Tucson 76, when a fan requests Danny Boy, he has to ask someone(Charlie?) if that song is even on that album. So it leads me to believe he isnt even aware of what was being released, at least in the last year or two.

Just my two sents on this. I could be right or wrong but wanted to share my thoughts.

Mon Jul 14, 2003 8:58 pm

I too feel that Elvis didn't focus enough on knowing the release dates and titles of his own new LPs. Making a joke in '76 about "my new album, Elvis In The Gutter" is a hilarious comment but often he didn't plug seriously.

It was only one time that I was at an Elvis concert and I don't recall if the lobby merchandise stocked new singles and Lps or conspicuous banners/posters advertising the records (? anyone recall if so?)

1972 tours (MSG especially) featured lobby banners and stage skirts promoting Elvis Now. But like you said, mid-to-late 70s was there any of this effort put in to promote the product.

RCA always paid for full=page ads in Billboard but the average citizen wasn't readin that industry mag - mainly industry people..not the bulk of his fans.

The way I see it, the day after every Elvis concert, 4,000 copies on average should have been purchased locally. At least 2 out of every 3 people at that event should have bought Elvis' new release.

Did this occur often enough?

Elvis - and The Colonel - should have realized that past 1973, you cannot rely on radio for all exposure of his new music. Radio then was playing anything and everything from AC to Hard Rock and Elvis simply didn't fit those formats.

He was his own format.

His main outlet was of course personal appearances, and therefore needed to inform the tens of thousands of "consumers" in each arena about the new product. Ensure sales to them.