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Mon Jul 14, 2003 8:53 am

If this is the item of which you are speaking: ... egory=2009


Sig. is fake.

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Mon Jul 14, 2003 5:01 pm

unclefester wrote:...the signature strikes me as being a "secretarial" ...........It's no wonder that Elvis fans who would love to own an autograph....are frozen in their tracks....afraid to buy for fear of making a purchase like this.........

One glaring problem with the piece (unless it is mounted as such) - note the slope of the sig. (or lack of).

Agreed, it could very well be a secretarial. One thing is certain, it was not signed by EP.

People being "frozen in their tracks" could also apply to Elvis' personal items. In this case, it is either the price or "questionable" authenticity issues. Both areas of collecting (autographs, personal items) have changed immensely from, say, .... 10 years ago or so. More FRAUD, more FAKES, more SEMANTIC LIBERTY / MISREPRESENTATION, more EGOS, more GREED, ......... and to be honest, there isn't one single source out there that I could say I TRUST completely 100%. Sad state of affairs, but, nevertheless - true.

As always, the perennial disclaimer ........ JMO, FWIW.

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Regarding the seller of the linked autograph above, consider this as well: ... 3537339825

Note: Excerpt from the auction description -

Elvis Presley’s personal triangle guitar pick purchased from Elvis Presley Enterprises. The pick is made of tortoise shell with Elvis’ initials in white on one side “ E.P.”. Measures 1.5” (appx.). Certificate of Authenticity states: “Triangle Tortoise Shell E.P Guitar Pick. This item listed above is an original artifact directly from the archives of the Estate of Elvis Presley at Graceland. Signed by Angie Marchese, Curatorial Assistant Elvis Presley Enterprises, Graceland. The certificate is printed on ivory parchment paper. Pick is in excellent condition. Color photo of Elvis holding the pick in his left hand is included.

Blue, Bold, Large words - emphasis added by N8.

A wee-bit misleading, wouldn't you say?

Perfect FB means diddly-squat. The only thing it really means is ........ many buyers just don't know what they are buying.

The pool of bogus / misrepresented items grows larger and larger in no small part due to sellers such as these.