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Ordering FTD's from this site?

Mon Jul 14, 2003 8:08 am

How is it done to get a final price in US Dollars? I emailed the address on the FTD page here over a day ago but have not recieved a response as of yet. Are they usually pretty quick?

Mon Jul 14, 2003 9:43 am

Ryan, visit this place to convert your 'from' into your 'to' currency.

Mon Jul 14, 2003 10:34 am

Ray wrote:Ryan, visit this place to convert your 'from' into your 'to' currency.

Problem is I don't know how much I have to pay for the CD with shipping and all. I'm guessing that the prices listed on this site are Canadian dollars?

Mon Jul 14, 2003 10:59 am

Sorry Ryan, misunderstood your question, everytime I've bought from this website (& I've been buying for years) all prices have been in US$. I'll be surprised if this has changed.

also consider this line at the top fo the FTD Shop page

" Because of the US dollar exchange rate, we unfortunately have to increase the US price of the FTD's. "

Why would they be pricing in Canadian dollars if the above statement is made ?