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Tue Jul 15, 2003 9:52 pm

BobbyTCB wrote:Interesting hypothesis! That makes perfect sense and could very well be the case. I would be interested in reading what was actually said--anyone have a quote?

It figures that you would reference James Burton's opinion in this thread WITHOUT knowing what the damn statement was in the first place. You are hopeless!

Tue Jul 15, 2003 9:57 pm

Thanks for the quote.

Tue Jul 15, 2003 10:01 pm

BobbyTCB wrote:If you were referring to his musical intelligence, you were wrong. If you were referring to something other than that, then your comment was irrelevant.

Which one was it, anyway? I never heard.

Tue Jul 15, 2003 10:43 pm

Wow, this thread is really starting to get hairy! As far as the original MSG album being speeded-up, Dr. J is correct. The songs are all in the correct keys, therefore the recording wasn't sped up. Anyone who plays guitar or piano can verify this for themselves. Guitarists, tune up to an electronic tuner, then strum along with some of the tunes. That's All Right and All Shook Up are in the key of A, Never Been To Spain and PSA are in E, the medley and Hound Dog in C. The reason the record sounds fast is because the band rushes the tempo a little on nearly every song. Phil Gelormine's MSG scrapbook (highly recommended by the way) includes an interview with Joan Deary, who said that Elvis himself felt the evening show sounded rushed (and he was right!). There may have also been some editing of applause between songs, which would further the impression of a fast-pace. This was likely done to enable RCA to squeeze the show onto a single lp.
Now I do think it's probable that the band intros were moved from after Suspicious Minds to after The Impossible Dream.

Tue Jul 15, 2003 10:56 pm

Well, for me there's no question that the Doctor is right. I'm absolutely sure that I can trust his words rather than JB's. I mean, about 1050 concerts plus lots of rehearsals, studio and private sessions with Elvis against the Doc's knowledge? What is that supposed to be??? ;) BTW - Doc, does my health insurance pay for this treatment? :D

Yeah, JB may have been misquoted or something. That's probably true. That would explain it. Anyway, I always had (and have) the feeling that Elvis in 1972 was driving in the fast lane. Man, these MSG concerts, the EOT footage. He's going through them concerts as if the taxi is waiting outside ...

I still got one question: Which difference in pitch do you think is in evidence (for the regular listener, not the Doc)? A quarter tone? A halftone?