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Pat Boone on Elvis

Sun Jul 13, 2003 3:14 am

I just found this site where Pat Boone says some interesting things about Elvis. Listen and comment on what you hear!

Mon Jul 14, 2003 1:19 am

Interesting and enjoyable. It must be an old interview judging by the last spoken sentence. Thanks for bringing to this site.


Mon Jul 14, 2003 2:18 am

Pat Boone did an album called "Pat Boone Sings Guess Who". There's one on ebay now: ... 2544140551

"Dig" that cover. And people think Pat's "metal" thing a few years ago was brand new for him...

I've come across this album a few times over the years but I never bought it, and I've never heard it.

Mon Jul 14, 2003 6:36 am

Pat Boone is a class act. He's been picked on and mocked most of his adult life but he just laughs it off. There should be more people like him.
A very nice person. Not too bad a singer either. After all, he is number two to Elvis for most hits in the 50's-early 60's.

jeff R

Mon Jul 14, 2003 8:05 am

I do have the album Pat Boone Sings Guess Who. Boone once said that Colonel Tom demanded royality payment if Elvis' name was the mentioned.

The Boone album is not the greatest - his arrangements of the familar Presley songs lean to pop rather than rock. Boone had no instinctive feel for rock and roll. His forte was ballads.

Boone was an underated pop singer and both he and Elvis shared a mutual respect.

Mon Jul 14, 2003 8:28 am

Pat boone seems like an OK guy. He seemed to admire Elvis, and always has good words to say about him.


Mon Jul 14, 2003 9:00 am

I have nothing against Pat Boone, and I didn't mean my first message to read that way. I do have many of his records, but I have never particularly "collected" his stuff, even that Guess Who album.

I'm also of the age that I READ two of his books - "Twixt Twelve and Twenty" and "Between You Me and the Gatepost". (See?-- those titles from memory although I don't think I still have the books.)

HOWever in recent Tonight Show appearances - recent meaning just before Carson left and maybe his "metal" period of two months - unfortunately Pat's voice, never that great - is gone. IMHO. His voice is something like all harmonics or overtones now but the primary frequency is virtually gone. Weird. Maybe he should hook up with Cher's producer....or have JXL do something...

Mon Jul 14, 2003 10:49 am

I haven't heard Pat sing recently, but his voice in the 50s and 60s was superb. It's true that he had no feel for rock'n'roll, but as a ballad singer there are few who can compare with him. Very smooth style, just listen to Don't Forbid Me, I'll Be Home, Love Letters In The Sand and many others.

Mon Jul 14, 2003 2:07 pm

Agree with others here- Pat Boone has always been a class act. Notice that during the interview he had a chance to knock Elvis (for being a rebel, etc) - but he didn't.