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It Is No Secret Binaural master previously unreleased?

Sat Jul 12, 2003 11:37 pm

On the Up Close box this is supposedly previously unreleased but it was released on the FTD Easter Special cd. can anyone explain this? any differences between the 2 cuts?

Sat Jul 12, 2003 11:38 pm

Close Up box rather.. lol

Sat Jul 12, 2003 11:48 pm

Oh crap, thats right.

Sat Jul 12, 2003 11:50 pm

wait, I knew that but i just went back to check the elvisrecordings site and take 13 which is the binaural master is on Close Up and the Easter Special.

Sun Jul 13, 2003 12:20 am

Oh I see, ok thanks Keith, yeah i thought there was only one take of It Is No Secret on Easter Special. so it was the take 5. and just an error from Sebastian. im not able to check my Easter cd to confirm, thanks for the info!

Sun Jul 13, 2003 3:43 am

the best way to verify it would be to listen to the bootleg stereo 57 vol 1.
buy compairing them back to back.
i still think its take 12 they should have left the slate in place.


Sun Jul 13, 2003 10:40 pm

So what take is it on "Close up" then?!

Sun Jul 13, 2003 10:47 pm

Tony -

On 'Close Up' we get the master take 13 - the first official release of this track in binaural.

Tue Jul 15, 2003 12:29 am


The second entry of Easter Special(take 13) is a typo - will fix. Take 5 instead of "12" is mentioned as well and stays.