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Elvis Documentary

Sat Jul 12, 2003 7:07 pm


Recently there was an article in USA Today that stated:

For this year, the BMG hype machine is planning pervasive TV ads, billboards and online marketing. And it is helping with an Elvis documentary to be broadcast on NBC.

Are they referring to the be all /end all documentary that EPE is planning or is this just another television special like last years "Elvis Lives"

Considering that several years ago EPE was planning to sue NBC for using Aloha and '68 TV Special material on a couple of their programs, it appears that this was just a ploy to get NBC to help with their documentary along with BMG. (both NBC and BMG are owned by General Electric) Even more evidence of this is the fact that BMG Home Entertainment is distributing the upcoming '68 Comeback and Aloha DVDs as well as the expanded DVD version of last year's NBC aired "Elvis Lives" television special.

In my own opinion, I do think that they are referring to the documentary that the Estate has been talking about for some time. Naturally EPE would need BMG's help with a project of this magnitude for audio and of course they would need a major television network to air the documentary as was done with ABC and the Beatles Anthology. Unfortunately it is unknown when this documentary will air but it seems that at the earliest it would be late this year or possibly the first installment could air around the birthday of next year. Another possibility is in July of next year at the 50th anniversary of recording "That's All Right."