Anything about Elvis
More than 30 Million visitors can't be wrong


Fri Jul 11, 2003 6:39 am

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Fri Jul 11, 2003 8:09 am

That's a way to have a site shut down.

Fri Jul 11, 2003 9:04 am

Well, I very much doubt if that "If" sample is genuine.
I haven´t heard it but I have my serious doubts. How do you know it´s not the version of Bread itself?

Hearing is believing.

I am not going to join a Yahoo club just to listen if that fragmnet is true.
But however I would like to verify it.

Can someone send me the fragment in mp3?

These rumours need to be confirmed or proven wrong before they give rise to further rumours. There are already way too many rumours on songs that Elvis might have sung.


Fri Jul 11, 2003 9:19 am

Just wonderin' that this rumor comes still up from time to time. This is of course not Elvis, but Jimmy Ellis (or an impersonator). I haven't checked the link, but as far as I remember this sample could be (!) a splice of Elvis speaking the introduction (maybe from Tahoe) and Orion singing the song "If". But there's NO Elvis singing.

It is Jimmy Ellis

Fri Jul 11, 2003 7:45 pm

from a recording a Nightclub called Diablo's Den in Warner Robins Georgia Have a great day :D

Sat Jul 12, 2003 12:51 am

Not regarding whether Elvis recorded it (I'm pretty sure he didn't), I think the song is beautiful.
I normally don't pay much attention to the lyrics of a song, but this one is worth the listening. For being a silly love song, it paints a touching picture of someone loving someone.
Even to a cynical old eagle.

Happy summer to you :)

Sat Jul 12, 2003 1:01 am

Thanks for the mp3. Unfortunately it confirmed my suspicions.
It is a fake. Very well sung though, but unfortunately fake.
Still you can't dismiss rumours without hearing it. As sometimes real things turn up.

For those who haven't heard the fragment. Here a rundown of it.
The quality has been degraded purposely.
0:01 It starts off with the real Elvis.
0:11 Elvis says who he is. Jokingly answering a lady in the audience by saying: Tom Jones right. I know I have heard this one before but can't remember where.
0:41-0:44 an edit into an audience recorded version where Elvis says: this was done by a group called "Bread". And then cut. Without having to check it digitally it is identical to the part of the Vegas 2 Sep 74 Closing show.
0:45 - 3:18 stereo cuts to the left. So the stereo image shifts. A very well done version by an impersonator. The voice is close but the phrasing is just NOT the way Elvis would sing certain words. Like the "away" at the end. I must say it does sound as IF (pun intended) it was by Elvis. Also the backing is done in a similar style.
3:19 ending going over into the end of one of the live versions of "The first time ever I saw your face". Everyone who has heard a live version of the song will confirm that it is identical.

So in the end the conclusion is sad but clear: this is NOT Elvis.
A real shame. It is as someone mentioned a beautiful song. Bread by the way has recorded quite a number of very nice songs with great harmonies in them.

Next ..? Okay, onto to the next rumour.


Sat Jul 12, 2003 4:07 am

I am very surprised to hear that people still have difficulty in verifying Elvis voice.

Sat Jul 12, 2003 6:49 am

I concur E-cat. Very strange how fans can't tell the difference.

jeff R

Sun Jul 13, 2003 2:08 am


To compare apples with apples...

Unlike signed autographs - a casual fan has acces to thousands of (vocal) examples to judge what is fake and what is for real.

If this same casual fan would have acces to thousands of (real) signed autographs, and he still would not be able to judge what is for real or fake, you would be as much surprised.

Sun Jul 13, 2003 3:13 am

E-Cat wrote:I am very surprised to hear that people still have difficulty in verifying Elvis voice.

I concur E-cat. Very strange how fans can't tell the difference.

jeff R

Absolutely,fellas,that baffles me too! I could never be fooled.

Sun Jul 13, 2003 4:19 am

Sounds like Jimmy Ellis to me.

Sun Jul 13, 2003 5:56 am

Alright, okay, you win .. and I´m sorry!!

Sun Jul 13, 2003 9:44 am nice mp3 site!!