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"Is Elvis Alive" recording

Thu Jul 10, 2003 7:51 pm

I just heard a piece of ambient music that extensively sampled (practically playing it in full at varying levels of audibility) the purported phone conversation recording of Elvis that accompanied the imfamous book. The one where he supposedly talks about being in hiding and being recognized in a grocery store, reflecting on his life, etc.

Did they ever figure out who supplied the voice on this extremely eerie recording? I have to say the guy has Elvis' cadence and vocal tones nearly perfectly - it really sounds like the real thing to me, though it sounds like the tape runs too slow. I do enjoy hearing the tape, it gets my imagination going.

Of course I know it's not real, but I'd love to hear more of the story if anybody knows.

Thu Jul 10, 2003 8:16 pm

All I remember is that the guy on the recording came out in the early 90s on a talk show (like Geraldo, Sally Jesse, etc). That's all I remember. Haven't heard much from Gail Giorgio but I believe she's written a few books since then. ... 39-3339355

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Thu Jul 10, 2003 8:17 pm

I don't believe any of it..just posting garbage from a site that contained Gail Brewer's stuff

Thu Jul 10, 2003 8:40 pm

I saw this show - and I still remember it.

The gentleman who supplied the voice on the tape was on the Geraldo Rivera show. Geraldo did the whole show about this book and tape and why it was fake - I remember he had Gail Brewer and Joe Esposito on the panel. Geraldo didn't tell Gail that he was there - he then surprised her by having him stand up in the audience and admitted that he did the voice on the tape - he then went to prove this by talking exactly like Elvis - and definately sounded the same as on the tape.


Thu Jul 10, 2003 8:47 pm

Thanks Jon and Rich. Leave it to Geraldo to blow the cover off of a fellow bogus sensationalist reporter! Especially over something that reasonable people knew was fake to begin with.

Still I find the conspiracy mythology interesting and amusing, part of the whole crazy cultural legacy. Paul is dead and Elvis is alive, ha!

Thu Jul 10, 2003 11:34 pm

The Kelly Burgess Interview

Burgess, Kelly - As you probably know by now, there have been many sightings of Elvis Presley in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Among one of the most interesting stories about a Kalamazoo sighting involves Kelly Burgess. Kelly is a former assistant editor and feature writer with the Detroit News. The following is a transcript of the taped interview she gave on The Billy Goodman Show in the fall of 1988 broadcast via KBEG Radio, Las Vegas:

BG: Billy Goodman KBEG Radio

KB: Kelly Burgess

BG: We will be listening to Kelly Burgess. Kelly actually met Elvis Presley in August of this year, and she's going to tell us what happened at that meeting. Welcome back to this "story behind the story" in the Elvis Presley controversy, whether he's dead or alive. Our next guest is Kelly Burgess.

Kelly, you've got quite a background, Detroit News--tell us something about yourself.

KB: Well, for ten years I was an editorial feature writer and sometime columnist on the staff of the Detroit News.

BG: ...and there came a time when you left the Detroit News?

KB: Yes, I left the Detroit News--since then I've been writing for national magazines. I have an article in this month's issue of Skin Diver magazine.

BG: I understand that you actually talked to Elvis. This is great. Tell us about it. How did you ever even think of trying to find him--where did you find him? Let's start from how you got there. Take us on your trip that you told us about today--it's interesting.

KB: First of all, unfortunately, I was never an Elvis fan. I never had the opportunity to see a concert, never owned a record. When he died, I felt very bad, but it just kind of passed, and I never gave it a second thought until this summer. I don't know if any of you had access to the Michigan newspapers. There were several sightings of him in Michigan, and that's where I'm from--Troy, Michigan, which is a suburb of Detroit. About the same time, I read Gail Giorgio's book Is Elvis Alive? and I became quite intrigued by the research that she did, and what she had uncovered. And the more I read about the sightings in Kalamazoo--as a reporter--it was a challenge. One day, around the first week in August, I told my twenty-two-year-old son, "Let's go to Kalamazoo today." I went totally expecting to find nothing. I had heard about the lookalike. And when we arrived in Kalamazoo, we went to Burger King, and to the YMCA.

BG: Tell everybody what happened at the YMCA. We can't let that get by.

KB: I went to the YMCA and spoke to the director of the fitness center and I said, "Does Elvis Presley work out here?" He said, "Just a minute, I'll have to check the roster."

BG: I think that's great, I really do. Nonchalant as can be...

KB: ...which he did, and he came back and said, "No. Elvis Presley does not work out here." Let me tell you first that there is a lookalike running around Kalamazoo creating an uproar. Many people have seen him; he hangs around the Burger King, goes into the supermarket, could be spotted driving a car. I've even heard he throws parties and invites people and hands out T-shirts. That is not Elvis Presley.

BG: Where did you find Elvis Presley?

KB: I went to an old hotel on Main Street. Now, Kalamazoo is a small college town with very antiquated buildings. I went to this hotel, which was built in the 1890's--there's a renovation underway there now--it's being converted from an old hotel into an office complex. Three gentlemen bought the hotel in 1985.

BG: Where did you find Elvis?

KB: You want to hear the details? The mystery behind it?

BG: Well, maybe we could go back afterwards to it. Where did you find Elvis is what I want to know.

KB: I went into the building and started surveying. There's five stories, a five-story building with an atrium elevator. I started surveying every floor. I had three encounters with security guards. I was not intimidated by the guards. They told me to leave. They said, "You're not allowed in here." My next step was to go into some of the offices; there are several tenants doing business in that building. I went into offices asking for Elvis Presley or John Burrows. They all looked at me, quite incredible. I mean, here's these business people and I'm asking for Elvis Presley. At one point some of the people said, "Elvis is not here, but we've seen his illegitimate son, Elvis Presley, Jr.," which turned out to be a joke. The last office I went into was off the main floor and lobby. I spoke to the receptionist and asked the same question. She said, "Just a moment, I'll get my manager." So the manager came out and I was speaking to him about Elvis, and he seemed quite interested, and asked my reason for being here. We talked about five minutes; I had my back to the office door. Suddenly he said, "There's the man you want to see," and I turned around. Elvis was standing there; it was almost as if lightning had struck in that room!

BG: You're there--it was Elvis. Tell us about what happened then.

KB: His presence was overwhelming. Now mind you, I've been a reporter; I've seen and worked on all kinds of stories. This was the first time in my life that I was stunned. I didn't know what to say. He took his finger--like this--and said, "What are you doing in this building bothering the tenants? I will not have this." He was very angry. I said, "I'm with the Detroit News and I'm doing a story on Elvis."

"I do not care if you're with the Detroit Star, I will not have this!"

Yet in the next moment his mood changed entirely. He was very kind. I could feel that he did not feel threatened by me; I was not aggressive. I started talking to him and he did not say a word for about five minutes. I started outlining some of the facts in Giorgio's book: "Why didn't anyone collect life insurance? And why didn't Vernon accept the flag for the coffin?" He stood there and listened; he didn't say one word. At one point I turned around and he was standing at a kind of angle. I turned so that I could look directly into his eyes. He had on gold-rimmed glasses, a modified version of what he used to wear; they had a slight tint to them. But I looked in his eyes, and he had the Elvis Presley expression in his eyes, which I think that most people that knew him are familiar with--that kind of sparkle--the same-shaped eyes, same-color eyes. Again, I was stunned. It was shining through, what comes through all of us that says, "This is me." It's kind of your soul that shines through your eyes. I said, "You have eyes just like Elvis. Are you a relative?" He said, "Nope."

See, for some reason, and today I still don't know why, I did not let him know that I thought he was Elvis. I still don't know why. I didn't come out and ask him. After he listened to my questions, he just stood there with a very pleasant look on his face, smiling at times. Just before I walked away, he said, "Yeah, but it's against the law to hoax your death." And I left the building, but then I returned. Should I talk about that?

BG: What did you return for?

KB: To take a picture, to...

BG: Kelly, what does Elvis Presley look like?

KB: He's about six feet, maybe 195 pounds, with a small pot-belly. He looked really good. He had a head of very thick white hair, without sideburns; his hair was done up in a kind of boyish haircut. Same mouth, same high cheekbones. I mean, it was Elvis. Anyway, I followed him into the construction office and he sat down at his desk. Then he put his head down. He spoke very little in the short time that I saw him. I thought he was looking for a pen so he could write my number down. Evidently he didn't find one and I didn't. I ripped out a deposit slip from my checkbook and handed it to him. He said, "All right, Kelly." And I left. After that I did get several hang-ups and hold-ons on my answering machine. It was quite an experience. I'll never forget it for the rest of my life.

BG: I wouldn't think you would.

KB: I mean, his presence was just electrifying.

BG: You, like everyone else, knew it was him--the vibrations and everything that goes with it, that it was Elvis. Kelly, I understand that you're writing a book?

KB: Yes, I am.

BG: What's it going to be about?

KB: It's going to be about Elvis Presley, from 1977 to 1988.

BG: You're going to tell what he's been doing. How about giving us some inside information.

KB: No. I'm sorry. I can't do that.

In a later telephone call made from Kelly Burgess to Gail Brewer-Giorgio, she related that she had uncovered evidence that was frightening and shocking. When Gail asked her if she had gotten a picture of Elvis that day, she said she'd rather not say. After that Kelly told Gail that she was dropping the idea of the book because the evidence she had uncovered was dangerous and she felt that a noninvolved posture was best. Gail asked Kelly if it had anything to do with the mob and Kelly replied, "Yes, it does..."

Thu Jul 10, 2003 11:53 pm

The guy who supplied the voice for that audio cassette was not "Orion" aka Jimmy Ellis. It was "Sivle Nora" from Florida who laid that audio down.

Thu Jul 10, 2003 11:59 pm

I didnt think it was Orion I was just posting pics that I thought were interstingly stupid (is that a word/phrase) from that Gail site.

Fri Jul 11, 2003 12:07 am

Not that anyone cares but I just found this on the internet.

In 1985 David Darlock, an Elvis impersonator threw a spanner into the works on U.S. television. On the GERALDO talkback show, Darlock admitted he was paid $250 in April 1981 by the Elvis fan club, "Eternally Elvis" to simulate the voice of Elvis for an album. He also, produced the signed contract of this deal!

Since than, many cover-version tapes from this album have surfaced and although these tapes originally did have disclaimer label attached to them - they have long since been removed! Just to be sure, Geraldo had Giorgio's tape and David Darlock's voice verified by the F.B.I's voice-simulator computer. Computer technician Bailey, confirmed, "the Elvis voice on the tape, and David Darlock's voice, are one-n-the-same!"

Fri Jul 11, 2003 3:11 am

Yeah, thanks for reminding me of his name. "Sivle Nora" aka David Darlock. I've been fighting to remember that every since the first post.
He also did some "studio work" if you want to call it that and interrupted one of the songs to "read a memo that he was just handed" proclaiming President Reagan had just been shot. A sad attempt to date a recording session by Elvis as taking place in the 1980's. But then again, why would Elvis be in the studio cutting "Don't" and "Do You Know Who I am" in the 1980's in the first place? We all know he would be working on "Harbor Lights" and "Three Corn Patches" :roll: