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Elvis Presley, Religion, and a Respected Science Writer.

Thu Jul 10, 2003 5:32 pm

Richard Dawkins that exceptionally intelligent and gifted writer a powerful champion of Charles Darwin and an avid debunker of all things relating to astrology, spiritualism, and spoonbending charlatans, succumbed I am sad to say to the Elvis religion nonsense.

His otherwise excellent book, "Unweaving the Rainbow"- Science Delusion and The Appetite for Wonder, has the following passage (page125) "Sightings of a resurected Elvis Presley are numerous. The cult of Elvis, with its treasured toenails and other relics, its icons and its pilgrimages, is well on the way to becoming a fully fledged new religion."

Since when?
Fair enough a few lunatic fringe Presleytarians surfaced a couple of years ago, but I think there was only three of them! As for the pilgrimages, my wife and I have been to Memphis three times, just as classical music fans (ourselves included) go to see the great composers houses and music museums.
Where is the scientific proof of an Elvis religion? It is only a figment of the dumbed - down media.. Come on Mr Richard Dawkins, surely you of all people have evolved beyond such nonsense.

But there is a Chapel here