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John Mellencamp To Perform Live in Jungle Room

Thu Jul 10, 2003 1:25 am

Just announced... John Mellencamp will perform at Graceland in the famous Jungle Room for a historic upcoming
More details, including the AOL scheduled broadcast date, are coming soon. You can enter to win a trip for two to Memphis to be a part of this exciting event and see Mellencamp perform inside the mansion.

- from E-Newsletter sent out today

Thu Jul 10, 2003 3:23 am

This is blasphemy!
whose idea is this???
does cougar have connections with Lisa Marie?/
what the hell is going on?

Thu Jul 10, 2003 3:28 am

Pathetic, is all I gotta say.

Thu Jul 10, 2003 1:07 pm


Just out of curiousity;
How did this happen?
Who has pulled a chord or two with Lisa Marie or Priscilla?
And most important;
What is the motivation behind it?


Thu Jul 10, 2003 1:20 pm

Who is John Mellencamp?

Thu Jul 10, 2003 1:30 pm

Competition only open to US residents! Bah!

This is real tricky. I don't think it's a good idea, there feels something vaguely blasphemous about it...but if I could I'd be there like a shot!

Publicity Stunt ......

Thu Jul 10, 2003 3:48 pm

Let there be no doubt about it ..............

The Col. LIVES!

... just a fan ....

Thu Jul 10, 2003 3:54 pm

As someone who knows John Mellencamp (it's a horse thing), I can easily & confidently say that he doesn't give a damn about Elvis and this is all some unexcusable PR ploy to try to kick start his defunct career. The man is a complete and utter jerk and I am appalled that this is going to take place. What's next, Pat Benetar live from the Meditation Gardens??


Thu Jul 10, 2003 3:59 pm

Never heard of the guy, and I don't think anybody should be singing in ELVIS PRESLEY'S own house, except is own family and friends.

Let's have a bit of respect for Elvis, for God sake

Thu Jul 10, 2003 5:27 pm

EPE set a precedent for this sort of thing back in '97 when allowing Chris Isaak to perform "My Happiness" live on the front lawn. (It was part of NBC Today Show coverage if I rcall right)

Very subtle evolution....from the front lawn the Jungle Room inside...

what's next?

Marilyn Manson performs live in the Graceland Upstairs "Death Bathroom".
Two lucky contestants will win airfare and accomodations to witness this historic music event. For the big finale...the flush.
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Thu Jul 10, 2003 5:28 pm

Joe, you have never heard of John Mellencamp? That is kind of surprising, but whatever. If you haven't, you haven't.

Tom, Mellencamp always comes off sounding like he doesn't give a damn about anything (except farmers, of course). Has he said bad things about Elvis, or is he just indfiferent to him? There is a difference. I can live with someone's indifference towards Elvis, but if they speak out against his contributions, then I have a problem with that.

Note: My wife is a big Mellencamp fan, and there is an argument waiting to happen based on your answer! :)

Thu Jul 10, 2003 5:46 pm

I'm kind a indifferent to Mellenecamp one way or the other. Last I heard, most recently, he was protesting against Pres. Bush...and now he's got a plum gig inside Graceland. :?: (Is EPE turning political?)

If EPE is gonna allow such a thing, at least it's an Americana artist/icon
I wouldn't allow Bono & U2 to jam in the Jungle Room simply because he's a fan.

If anybody, I'd say let Springsteen do it. Imagine the full-circle humor of The Boss trying to sneak in Graceland in the 1970s and now he's invited in thru the front door to perform.

Maybe EPE is designating the Jungle Room as a bone fide studio area (like it was in '76) and now they're going to rent it out for recording.


Graceland is too sacred for this turn of events.
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Thu Jul 10, 2003 5:46 pm

Please don't get me wrong, it's not like he and I are best friends or anything. We have just had some contact in the past due to mutual business interests. He is not what I would consider a fan and has definitely expressed feelings a little stronger than "indifference" towards Elvis and his place in rock history. Granted, this was a few years back and maybe he has since seen the light. However, my gut feeling is that he will say or do anything to try to get back some of the glory of the career and money he enjoyed a decade or so ago. He is a very manipulative person who will use anything or anyone (even his own kids) to get what he wants.


Thu Jul 10, 2003 6:04 pm

That's unfortunate to hear about JCM.
His music has always been a favorite of mine - from "Lonesome Jubilee" on back, anyway.
I saw him live in the 80's and his show was incredible.
I don't think that'll change my opinion of his music but it's unfortunate that "the image is one thing and the human being is another".

Looking at the other side of that coin... take a guy (???) like Marilyn Manson.
I would never see the guy in concert because I don't enjoy his music, but (for some reason) I thoroughly enjoy listening to this guy speak.
He comes across as a real genuine individual.
Quite intelligent and pleasant.
I certainly don't claim to know him personally but no one has told me anything different about him.

Anyway, thank God I still have E.

The purpose?

Thu Jul 10, 2003 8:07 pm

:x This is awful. That's it. what's the purpose? I know visitation is down at Graceland but John Mellencamp. Just shows Money rules

Thu Jul 10, 2003 11:39 pm

Johnny pathetic. I know the guy has some fans but I honestly don't think he's qualified to shine Elvis's shoes, let alone be allowed to record inside Graceland. Johnny Cougar...sad little Springsteen wannabe.

A little ditty about a sad has-been man...gonna sing him a song in Elvis's Graceland...this idea makes me ill, I've gotta put my head between my knees... Johnny says screw Elvis, I'll just do what I please...

A little ditty about a sad has-been man...Johnny Cougar's singing in Elvis's Graceland...


His Truth Is Marching On...

Thu Jul 10, 2003 11:49 pm

To me this whole thing completely STINKS!

Having another musician (other than Lisa since it is / was her home too) perform inside of Graceland is not only blasphemous, but also complete disrespect for Elvis by allowing someone to come inside his home and perform.

Now I am going to go take the one JCM cd I have and let it turn in to "Paper and Fire".
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Thu Jul 10, 2003 11:50 pm

I signed up, because I would love to be in the Jungle Room, but I really don't know many JM songs except for Jack & Diane and that song Wild Nights from the mid(or was it early)-90's.

Has anyone else ever recorded in the Jungle Room since 1976?

Let him go to Sun, if he does like Elvis songs I doubt they include The Last Farewell and Solitare.

Fri Jul 11, 2003 8:11 pm

Attendance at Graceland is not down. it was for a time around 9/11, but went right back up. I don't see how performing in the home of someone who has been dead for 25 years is disrespecting him. Elvis would probably have liked mellencamp. Mellencamp a springsteen wannabe? That's funny considering he has put out better songs than Bruce has in the last 20 years. Does that mean Bruce is worse than one of his wannabe's? That is pretty sad.

Fri Jul 11, 2003 9:23 pm

What about the carpet?! :shock: Seriously, the last time I was there in 1997, the carpet in the jungle room (also the kitchen), were the few original carpets that existed in Graceland, dating back to when Elvis was alive. As I haven't been to Graceland since 1997, I couldn't comment on whether the carpets remain the original ones.

I could well imagine Graceland hyping this all up and eventually install some drums/keyboards and PA system, to recreate the 1976 set up in the Jungle Room. They have changed Graceland from when Elvis died, so a few more 'make-overs' wouldn't be out of the question.

What are they really getting out of this? The room isn't ideal for getting musicians in there anyway.

RCA only used it to record Elvis as a last resort. They had lots of technical problems with 'bleed over' during Elvis's session, due to lack of space.

I find the whole thing distasteful. Leave the house as it is. It's not a recording studio.

What next? A go-cart track around the grounds and sea lions in the pool?

Sat Jul 12, 2003 12:08 am



Sat Jul 12, 2003 7:49 am

EPE Reacts To Elvis Fans Protests (7/11/2003)

In response to the fan comments and inquiries we have been getting, first, let us apologize for not making things as clear as we should have and not providing more information. Word of this project leaked before the press release was ready...

It happened to work out that John Mellencamp, who is a respected singer/songwriter and an avowed Elvis fan, would be the artist. (Perhaps you remember that he was among the artists who did Elvis covers for the Honeymoon in Vegas movie soundtrack. He did Jailhouse Rock.) For the AOL show he will be singing a short set of songs (including a personal Elvis favorite or two), taking a quick on-camera tour of Graceland, and doing an interview. Having popular artists of today pay homage to Elvis, make media appearances at Graceland, etc. is great for the Elvis legacy and an especially effective way of reaching new audiences for Elvis. From AOL and Netscape there will be links to and promotional tie-ins to Elvis Week and the VigilCast. We're delighted to be welcoming John Mellencamp to Graceland and he is thrilled and honored to be doing this very special program.

The AOL Sessions episode that is being videotaped at Graceland featuring John Mellencamp is not a recording session for a record release. The videotape is not for a John Mellencamp music video for television. The videotape is not for retail sales. Some fans who are not familiar with the show, and who did not have the benefit of all this information, got upset, thinking that artist album sessions and music video sessions were now going to be taking place at Graceland. The confusion and upset was certainly understandable and, again, we apologize for not getting more information to you on the front end. We have every confidence that the majority of Elvis fans will be pleased and proud when they see the program or we would not be doing it.

John Mellencamp, while the first to do a performance for the Internet at Graceland, will not be the first artist to perform in or around Graceland for media. In the early 1980s, Henry Mancini played the piano in the Graceland music room for a national magazine article. Mac Davis sang and played Elvis' guitar in the music room for a syndicated 1993 television special, America Comes to Graceland, which he co-hosted from Graceland with Lisa Hartman Black and which also featured a song performance by J.D. Sumner & The Stamps in the living room. Chris Isaak performed outside in front of the mansion for the Today show in 1994 as a tie-in to the celebrity concert in tribute to Elvis that was happening in Memphis at the time. Travis Tritt sang a song in the kitchen when he hosted from Graceland a syndicated 1995 television special Elvis, Touch the Dream, A New Generation. On the Today show in August 2002, Al Green's church choir performed on the Graceland front porch and the TCB Band performed on the front lawn as part of the show's observance of the 25th anniversary of Elvis' passing. There are various other examples.