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Sean Shaver's Books

Tue Jul 08, 2003 10:19 pm

Here is a link for those of you looking for Sean's books. While you may have to raid your kids piggy banks and sell the dog, these are well worth every penny.

**Then do an authors search for Sean Shaver**


On-Line Book Dealers ........... Absurd prices.

Wed Jul 09, 2003 2:39 am

Some of the prices from these on-line dealers are, ....... quite frankly, stratospheric.

I recommend purchasing directly from Shaver, any remaining stock that he may have left ................... although I believe it is probably going fast at this point. From my experience, Sean is not only cheaper, but the product is mint (un-read) ............... and some of Sean's "Author Editions" can be had for the same amounts or less than the on-line book dealers.

As a bibliophile, I must say, Shaver's Author Ed.'s are simply ......... works of art.

... just a fan ....
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Wed Jul 09, 2003 2:41 am

The Shaver books are great but they are not worth the prices being asked by Abe Books.

Wed Jul 09, 2003 2:42 am

I emailed Sean using the address on his site and still havent heard back from him. This may be my only chance to pick up his books. sigh

Wed Jul 09, 2003 2:47 am

Kylan - such is Sean Shaver. Responses usually take a loooooooong time with Sean. Be patient, .......... good things come to those who can wait ........ :wink:

... just a fan ....

Wed Jul 09, 2003 3:09 am

Im low on patience, has anyone noticed that?? speak up now! lol :wink: