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Tue Jul 08, 2003 12:30 pm

Hello Everybody !

Just got Dragonheart and i am very pleased with this Concert and cant understand that some of you are unhappy with this new Concert.
I think the Sound and Performance is very Good for Elvis in this Time.
We got a solid Concert Performance with an interesting Songline and Elvis seem´s to be in good shape at this Time.
My Opinion is if these Concert came from some Bootleg Source nobody would take down these Release and would be happy and would say, why we can´t get Stuff like these from BMG/FDT. It sounds to me that everything what comes from BMG/FDT has to be turned down and the result would be that the Company would soon or later stop these kind of Releases and go back to the Greatest Hits Package and make the big Bucks.
I think we should be very happy with that what we get and what was offert
at this Time. Because before fife Years or so everybody had a wish that BMG release Stuff like that, and for our favour the do this.
That´s why i say THANK YOU VERY MUCH Ernst and BMG to give us these oppitunity to listen and collect these releases.Keep up the good Work in the Years to come.

just a true ELVIS Fan

Manfred :!:

Tue Jul 08, 2003 8:25 pm

Very well stated.

Patrick Suth

Wed Jul 09, 2003 2:04 am

:lol: I 100% AGREE! 8)

Wed Jul 09, 2003 2:08 am

Right on.

Let's be grateful.

Better than all those concert performances put out by EMI/CAPITOL/APPLE for The Beatles.

Sun Jul 13, 2003 1:56 pm

Hi Manfred!
Just recently I stumbled over two reviews of Dragonheart on Oven Egelands Elvis page (
I really wanted to share these reviews with all of you since they really get to the point IMHO

"The Pill-poppin' hillbilly"
(Review by Oven Egeland)

We have known it for a long time. Elvis in autumn 1974 isn't an easy listening, rather the opposite. This new CD from Follow That Dream is further evidence - perhaps one of the best - that Elvis had personal problems during these months, and a new, very strong indication that he abused medications containing narcotics in significant amounts.

On bootlegs from this era we already have a concert that Elvis held two days prior to the one featured on Dragonheart. This is among the worst ever released on tape (A Profile Vol. 2), but the show in South Bend on October 1 only fare slightly better. The difference is mainly that Elvis was a bit more awake in South Bend, and seemingly in a better mood. His voice is poor on both occasions and his behavior is unpleasant to say the least!

Already from the first note on 'See See Rider' you know what to expect later on. His voice radiates a mixture of lack of sleep, depression and artificially affected mood. Elvis isn't sympathetic the way he used to be, the wonderful humbleness that he always displayed is washed away. It certainly isn't the Elvis that deserves recognition decades after his death.

Elvis soon tells the audience that there will be no requests taken this evening. However, later in the show he takes on and performs 'Steamroller Blues'. A nice attempt, but not a version you listen to very often. During autumn 1974 Elvis often stressed his musicians to play solos differently than what they usually played on stage. This lead to a classical number by G. Hardin in College Park on September 28, and lead to a song called 'All Right, Okay, You Win' in Detroit the day after. This number is featured on this CD as a bonus number. Elvis sings the song in a hysteric manner, in a key nobody could reach on an average day. However, when Glen D. Hardin plays the same tune two days later in South Bend, Elvis suddenly starts to sing 'Lawdy Miss Clawdy'. My goodness, did he pay attention to what was played or didn't he care at all. Hardin tries his best to readjust his piano playing. When he is in tune, Elvis is through singing...

Bootlegs show that Elvis would be better later on during the tour. Both concerts from Dayton, October 6 have been released and they are both of higher quality. Why FTD decided to release this show certainly puzzles me. It couldn't be due to good sound quality either as this CD features a rather poor soundboard recording. Lack of bass and something that reminds of digital flaunts "ruins" the sound throughout the show. It's even noisy. The bonus tracks have better sound in my point of view. Strangely enough FTD decided to include a version of 'Trying To Get To You' from College Park that Elvis totally ruins near the end. Is there a certain intention behind this release? After concluding 'Trying To Get To You' Elvis says "Let me just get out the way and shut up". Why not have included this quote as a perfect ending of the CD. No, I'm not kidding!

With such content in such a sound quality it is only natural that the artwork looks like it does. If nothing else, there is a system in the madness. Low quality is the common denominator.

A bummer this time from FTD!

© Oven Egeland, July 2003

Thanks to Crister Berge for language corrections.

Sun Jul 13, 2003 1:57 pm

And here's the second review that goes along the same line:

2. Review by Andy Urias

FTD has been releasing live shows with a little more consistency lately and this is a good thing. However, the quality of Elvis' performances is a whole other issue that should be discussed! The most recent show that has been released is the October 1, 1974 show from South Bend, IN entitled DRAGONHEART.

Reviewing post-1972 shows from Elvis can be difficult as many are lackluster affairs. There are bright spots here and there, but overall, you find yourself listening to an artist that is bored, uninspired, and stoned. People will sometimes say something to the extent of "this is a strong show from 76" or "the version of 'Polk Salad Annie' is top-notch on this day." These statements might be true for Elvis shows, but comparing these post-1972 shows to concerts from other artists of the time period really shed a negative light on the live reputation of Elvis Presley. A lot of the post-1972 performances are an embarrassment in general, but when one is slightly better than another from the period, it is worth noting, much like some of the mock quotes from above suggest.

Unfortunately DRAGONHEART is not the hidden gem one would hope for. This show has nothing remarkable to offer at all. There is no real need to look at individual tracks as there are no true highlights. Elvis' concerts from the fall of 1974 are notorious for being terrible. Some consider his show at College Park a few days earlier as bad as any performance he ever gave. Why would FTD showcase a concert from this time period? They already showcased lackluster performances from August 1974 in ITS MIDNIGHT! Isn't it about time for FTD to release something really special live? One of those great shows that Elvis is legendary for? They did release an audience version of the famous 1976 New Years Eve show, but there has to be other great shows from the hundreds of soundboards they have.

Will the upcoming 1973 Lake Tahoe performance help shed a more positive light on things? Keep your fingers crossed. It is funny that Ernst Jorgensen doesn't really see any value in releasing all 6 professionally recorded shows from August 1970 in Las Vegas because he thinks the market will be saturated with TTWII material. Yet, those concerts showcase Elvis at his finest, so why not make sure as much material as possible is available from them? The same can be said for the professionally recorded shows from 1969, who cares if the set lists are pretty much the same, the performances are incredible, why hold them back? While some fans have a special place in their heart for weak post-1972 shows and love certain tours from the mid to late 70s, a lot of these shows shed a real negative light on Elvis' legacy as a live performer. From a historical point, it is important for FTD to release these shows, but they must make sure they don't ignore his strongest years as a live entertainer while they continue to churn out these post-1972 concerts.

The positive thing is that FTD is committed to releasing various soundboards (and even audience recordings) from the 1970s. Some of the choices still might be confusing or controversial, but everyone should be thankful for the official releases. DRAGONHEART isn't essential listening by any stretch of the imagination, but it is a welcome addition to anyone's FTD collection.

© Andy Urias, July 2003

Please, let me know what you think

Sun Jul 13, 2003 2:09 pm

:shock: i READ BOTH REVIEWS and they make their points CLEAR , quite frankly they are both too 'harsh' but that's in my opinion and NOT theirs.'Dragonheart' remains my 3rd Fav CD with Jungle room sessions FIRST and 'Nashville' Marathon 2nd. and 'it's midnight' and 'dixieland rocks' as the next 2. I kep enjoying 'Dragonheart' for Elvis's great show-entertaining it IS!

Sun Jul 13, 2003 2:13 pm

Jungle Room Sessions would be another of my "favourites" *lol* :roll: :wink:

I have read both reviews..

Sun Jul 13, 2003 9:50 pm


Just read both reviews.

I have all the FTD's including DRAGONHEART. There is not one, and I mean not one that I regret paying my hard earned money out for. I have always enjoyed listening to the Soundboards, since I got the 'Tuscon FTD' and I disagree with both reviews. The show is great and we are lucky that we have a label such as FTD that takes the time to recover lost tapes to keep us supplied with 'New' material.

I guess I must be listening to another CD when I listen to 'Trying To Get To You' because I can't fathom out where the song is ruined by Elvis during his performance.....

What really gets me is that reviews that are published like above could put off potential customers of the FTD label and then diminsh demand for possible future releases. I don't think Ernst & Roger have made one wrong move yet with their strategy for the label.

Keep em coming FTD.....release the lot.



Sun Jul 13, 2003 10:47 pm

Like somebody said somewhere else on this board: do not believe that this FTD thing is a collectors label like it was originally announced. There will never be so little demand for the CDs that they would cease to release them- no matter how harsh the reviews may be.

After all the time Burbank '68 is still available (the very first out of this row) without any problems and even for the same price like all of the other FTDs - does that sound like small edition collectors label?

BMG has a good time making us pay double the price we would normally pay for an Essential Vol. X CD just because they call it a collectors label. :evil:

And by the way: a CD is not a collectors gem only because Elvis is printed on the cover of that CD!

Elvis may be the only artist who's fans have severe trouble in judging weak material from strong material and where absolutely no crticism is welcomed.

Why can't somebody complain about the content or the sound or the cover or whatsoever of a certain release when it's an Elvis release?
Do you really think that complaining on a certain release would make BMG stop the FTD series or that people would cease buying? If this is so I gotta tell you this: wake up and stop dreaming!

It makes me totally mad that people always start crying just because somebody isn't always that enthusiastic on certain releases like others (mostly those who are not able to take off their "all-is-oh-so-great Elvis glasses"). :shock:

And that this tour isn't really among Elvis best isn't just a case of taste I guess, as most people would probably agree on that.

But here it goes again: "Elvis is printed on the material from this tour, how can this be bad? God God, beware! How dare you say that Elvis was weak during that tour and that material from this tour should better not be released? You really can't be an Elvis fan! And stop complaining about these FTD CDs or there will be no more of them!" :roll:

This sort of indifference and attitude towards the legacy that really made the man is really annoying.

And just like somebody says at some point: "this may be an audience who has never wittnessed you before. So it's gotta be like there first time when you're on..."

And end-74 Elvis was certainly not the man who said that! :(

Mon Jul 14, 2003 12:33 am

Here's my take, as I've said before...

If they give us everything that's the best first and then give us the lesser concerts, peple will be griping "Why aren't we seeing things like such-and-such release anymore"? It'll also condition the fans to have their standards for FTD raised that much higher, which wouldn't be fair to Elvis' later or lesser concerts. Surely you can see that they're spacing things out a bit? Still releasing soundboards we don't have, but maybe not his best shows, so that when we do get a truly fantastic show, it's all the more impressive?

I'm happy to get all of them. There is the demand, but there's also a demand for unreleased stuff from a few other artists, and they don't get spoiled nealy as much as we do. They're living in the desert and we've got tropical islands everywhere... at least as far as audio. Video, we've still got some work to do.. but, anyway..

I don't think we should heap praise no matter what quality the material is, but being appreciative and understanding that with all the material and the proportion of top-notch stuff to average/other stuff (seeing as how soundboards from the 69-72 years are rare), they'd be fools not to pace themselves if the label is to have and kind of longevity(sp)... appreciating and/or understanding that isn't asking too much, IMO.

Mon Jul 14, 2003 5:57 am

:evil: Hello 'e' and 'Elvis 112' I re-read those 2 reviews from Elvis in Norway site AGAIN and without any doubt they are the two most biased and opinionated reviews I have ever read! Probably the MOST objectionable point they try to make is a) about poor sound and b) don't bother buying this release! Not only are they clearly WRONG on both points but who do they think they are by actually attempting to turn-off and diminish sales of a FTD release!? I mean this whole idea/concept in itself is nausiating after all that FTD has given us over the years and besides what do they wan't released once ALL their desirable and repetative 1969-1972 performance concerts are out?? Elvis was FAR from boring the Fans in this South Bend show!He is in great 'humour' and you can REALLY hear the fans appreciate this, quite obviously the 2 writers on Elvis in Norway site do not understand this 'Humour!?'

Mon Jul 14, 2003 8:38 am

I just recieved my copy of this CD. I haven't listened to it fully, but have skipped through it and listened to bits and pieces. I am happy so far with what i've heard. Another good release it seems. :D

Now back to listen to it in full. :D

Mon Jul 14, 2003 10:03 pm

It is a collectors label because not many of them are made compared to normal releases.

Mon Jul 14, 2003 10:11 pm

Just as I said: here it goes again, this time its YDKM..."you really nasty guys! Don't you be that way!" :roll:

This is so ridiculous to really think that they would want anybody not to buy a certain Elvis record. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

You really just have to face it: you can't stand criticism on Elvis for you make it criticism against yourself; and then you go ahead and yell all about how absolutely wrong their reviews are.

Maybe you should start by taking of your Elvis-world-glasses which show everything in pretty pink 8) :wink:

And in case you havn't noticed by now: Elvis was not really funny during that tour or only very occassionally. He was rather drugged out during a large part of that tour and sometimes completely out of his mind - just like almost one year later during the summer tour of 75. He has been so overdrugged during some of that shows that some of his humor got him really going on his band mates.

And this tour is not too different from that. Just listen to how Elvis really starts getting angry at Glen D. Hardin when he didn't get the intro the way that Elvis thought it should have been played! This was very funny indeed - I hope you don't play that sort of fun on your friends, too.

BTW the repetitive concerts between 1969 and 1972 as you have called them were the shows where Elvis was mostly reinventing his act.

He has never rehearsed more new material for his Vegas seasons than during that period. Every new season and most tours had new material - and that had dramatically changed by 1974.

Oh and please don't start and throw that opening night of summer festival 74 at me because Elvis only did what he thought he was forced to do by press and fans alike: to renew his act!

It's a shame that Elvis e.g. goes for Blue Suede Shoes during his College Park Show instead of performing If you talk in your sleep - which really says a lot.

The show is mediocre and that in my eyes is way too little if you take in account what material is still in the vaults. :x

There are 5 or more shows to see the light of day from August 69, a lot of unreleased outtakes from February 1970, three shows from August 1970 (and all of them are great), there is great outtake material from February 1972 (including masters of CCR, PM, Bridge, Polk Salad to name just a few) and of course the lvis on tour material (including rehearsals and stuff).

Of course there are also a lot of outstanding soundboards:

Lake Tahoe, July 24 1971!!!
Tampa, September 13, 1970!!!
Las vegas August/September 1971
and numerous other great shows!

Or what about the rumourous recordings from November 1972 made during the Kings appearances on Hawaii??? High quality multi-track recordings which should be out there in the archives...

I think there is a lot of high quality material that should be released first - and especially if you take into account the price you pay for your FTD copy!

I am definately not saying don't buy this record it is full of s***!
All I am saying is that we should get more of that high quality stuff that definately is out there!

And now keep your stones coming down on me :P

Mon Jul 14, 2003 11:59 pm

Hi, elVis112,

Hope you didn't think I was throwing stones, just looking at it from a business perspective. There is a lot of good material out there, to be sure, but I just think they're trying to space themselves out since they release things in a yearly box set form as well as the ever-growing number of FTDs. (which I love, by the way, they should bring out 30 a year, then I'd be happy lol)

Tue Jul 15, 2003 12:31 am

you are absolutely right! And in fact I wouldn't mind 30 FTD a year myself - except for the fact that I probably could not afford them :wink:

But actually I was more aiming at YDKMs comments which IMHO are simply nothing more but empty phrases which I am for sure tired to hear of...

That is nothing personally, I just think that this is a perspective of indifferent dealing with Elvis and his musical legacy since without criticism there will be no progress - and in the end that was what killed Elvis as an artist.

No criticism was allowed near him and only people who would nod their head for him and every decision or not-decision that he made were left around him in the final years....but maybe I am too focused on something here.

I just thought that being critical (and even at risking that at some point people will hate you for your point of view) was the best thing I could offer to this thread...but as I said earlier: that was never really welcomed inside the Elvis world and will most probably never be... :cry:

Tue Jul 15, 2003 12:57 am

Being an Elvis fan is just like a marriage: you're there for the good times, but also for the bad times.....

Autumn '74 was Elvis in a bad time. But I don't understand why people find Elvis here worse than months in '73, '76 and '77? At least here Elvis does his best to give the full 100%... On both of the trashed shows (College Park and South Bend) Elvis stressed that he loved performing!?! His humour is still there (although sometimes a bid negative).....

We are almost begging for an semi-official release from CBS In Concert, but now we are trashing official FTD releases from shows where Elvis isn't at his best... I'm happy that Ernst released this CD as a sort of time document. I'm glad I have it and make my own judgements, than that Ernst wants to protect us from "bad Elvis".....

Some fans will never be pleased...... :roll:

Tue Jul 15, 2003 12:58 am

I couldn't agree more with you even if I tried, man!

Tue Jul 15, 2003 1:19 am


I think the major reason Elvis fans don't like to hear criticism of Elvis is because of how much flack and abuse he's taken over the years. We used to get that so much from the media and the press that many fans were overloaded with it and went full-boar the other way to compensate,either consciously or sub-consciously.

I think many people will cool down to it after we've had a good set of years where Elvis is more seen for his positive aspects and talents and artistry instead of being ridiculed as a social joke. That time has started now, much of it thanks to 30#1 Hits and other similar pushes like the "Elvis Lives" show.

Like the song says, "Things are goin' great, and they're only gettin' better!"

Tue Jul 15, 2003 2:16 am

:( Why Elvis 112 would you have liked the complete Detroit 29.9.74 show released instead of South Bend 1.10.74? Even though South Bend 30.9.74 was much better he still brought out the back up singers to carry some of the show that night! Elvis sang the whole show on 1.10.74! Actually i could REALLY upset some people(if as myself and others in private discussion have argued)that for FANS present the 1.10.74 show is more 'entertaining' than the San Antonio 18.4.72 show! Why in San Antonio Elvis hardly says anything at all!!- of cource the sound quality cannot be compared though! I have heard from MANY fans(even one's present) at the 2.9.74 M/S that despite Elvis's demeaner at that show it was still the BEST EVER show they saw 'live'! FTD is 'something for everyone' and I know I'd rather have South Bend 1.10.74 anyday to more and more Nashville 60's outakes! :wink:

Tue Jul 15, 2003 2:27 am

All you toddlers should quit arguing and crying over why this is released or why cant this be released. If you just shut up and buy the damn thing and enjoy it for what it is, its Elvis, and ur a fan. so try to put up with the "sorry" cd and "sorry" Elvis it is. I know the logic is staggering. It will all come out if you just be patient and support what is out there now. Ernst and co are doing great and its just amazing we get all this stuff. so go back to your bottle now and enjoy E! geeesh.

Tue Jul 15, 2003 2:47 am

I have yet to get Dragonheart (just got Close Up) but the cross section of shows we are now getting officially is a decent strategy.

As we have 3 official complete shows from 1970 and 2 from 1969 - it is good to get a reprasentation of the live show period as a whole - and that's gonna mean some shows won't be on a par with others (yet will still offer something of interest).

Whether all shows are classics or otherwise, each CD remains a ticket to yet another Elvis Presley show and in soundboard or better quality.

As for Dragonheart well, despite the varied reviews I still look forward to getting it.

Tue Jul 15, 2003 2:56 am

Kylan wrote:All you toddlers should quit arguing and crying over why this is released or why cant this be released. If you just shut up and buy the damn thing and enjoy it for what it is, its Elvis, and ur a fan. so try to put up with the "sorry" cd and "sorry" Elvis it is. I know the logic is staggering. It will all come out if you just be patient and support what is out there now. Ernst and co are doing great and its just amazing we get all this stuff. so go back to your bottle now and enjoy E! geeesh.

Ha Kylan

You're ok man but sometimes you're like a broken record lol. If someone has constructive criticism I'd prefer to read that to a million 'just be grateful for what you get' responses - seriously they don't really tell anybody anything.

When the comments regarding Pittsburgh FTD came out about the sizzling sound they got the same 'quit complaining' responses - those complaints were however constructive and on the money if you compare the FTD offering in this instance to the import Auld Lang Syne.

I always welcome criticism of Elvis product if it is constructive.

Of course I do echo your sentiments - Ernst and co are most certainly doing a fantastic job with the Elvis Presley catalogue.

Tue Jul 15, 2003 3:29 am

lol yeah Clint but the arguing about this should be released or that shouldnt gets on my nerves as u can well see! hahahaha I notice the sizzling sound on my Pittsburgh cd now but to tell ya the truth little things that people bring up that seem very bothersome really dont detract from the enjoyment i get. maybe im too laid back?????

nahhhhhhh! :wink: