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Does Ringo has the tapes from 65 meeting?

Mon Jul 07, 2003 6:52 pm

I´ve heard last night that the famous meeting with the Beatles in ´65 was recorded, and Ringo was supposed to have this tapes...

What part of it is true???

Mon Jul 07, 2003 10:46 pm

On an unrelated note, today is Ringo's 63rd birthday.

Re: Does Ringo has the tapes from 65 meeting?

Mon Jul 07, 2003 11:06 pm

Elvisenna wrote:I've heard last night that the famous meeting with the Beatles in '65 was recorded, and Ringo was supposed to have this tapes...

If so, Ringo did not take home the cassette.

Tue Jul 08, 2003 11:59 pm

He lost it with his lousy poker game that night to C.Parker ...

Wed Jul 09, 2003 5:14 am

It's not impossible to imagine that the person who made the recording would've just taken it home with him.

Wed Jul 09, 2003 11:15 am

One of the Beatles ( i can't remember whom ) has always said that Elvis switched on a tape recorder during their meeting when they jammed,although the others didn't remember him doing this.

Wed Jul 09, 2003 12:34 pm

Elvis did many homerecordings so maybe he did it also this time ?? ....:roll: :?:

Yes They Jammed

Wed Jul 09, 2003 12:43 pm

Yes, It must have been recorded,

The jammed to Memphis Tennesse, and I have the recording of it !


Re: Yes They Jammed

Wed Jul 09, 2003 1:43 pm

e. (Sheffield Uk) wrote:Yes, It must have been recorded,

The jammed to Memphis Tennesse, and I have the recording of it !


Then I guess you also have the missing Hound Dog alternates as well as the soundboard recording of Pittsburgh 76..?

Wed Jul 09, 2003 2:20 pm

Richard Davis a member of the Memphis Mafia who was there that historic meeting was interviewed on "the definitive Elvis" basically saying he still is sick about not tape recording that night. Of course that doesn't mean that somebody else didn't do it. Here is also another instance of poor management from the Colonel, even though this meeting was supposedly incognito, why not have a professional photographer there to take pictures? You had the worlds no.1 music act at that time meeting their hero ELVIS, "the only person they wanted to meet coming to America" I believe was a quote from one of the mopheads. The Colonel had tunnel vision at this point.

Wed Jul 09, 2003 5:01 pm

This is not "every meeting" or "every time he sang". This was a meeting with the Beatles on their first(?) US tour. Of any meetings in R'n'R history which one should have been recorded if not this one? Personally I would prefer an Elvis/Bob Dylan tape but anyway ... This meeting would have been worth a recording I guess.

Thu Jul 10, 2003 1:03 am

When Larry Gellar was questioned in memphis about this he said that they jammed on 3 songs, but no one sang! It would be ironic if an instrumental tape of the Elvis/Beatle meeting survived.

Thu Jul 10, 2003 12:09 pm

Paul Mc Cartney is the one whos quoted as saying ELvis had a tape machine running (it was in P Lichters Boy Who Dared to Rock). George Paul & Ringo denied that there was a Jam session in Anthology. Various people who were at the meeting have come out with different storys often changing through the years. Just shows how hard it is to get 'the truth' about anything.

Heres another version of what happened this was presented as
JOHN LENNONS own account of the meeting in 'Elvis In Private'.

"There was only one person in the United States that we really wanted to meet - not that I’m sure he wanted to meet us - and that was Elvis. It is difficult to describe how we felt about him. We just idolized the guy so much. When we first came to Hollywood all these people like Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra wanted to come over and see us. But we didn’t want to meet them particularly because we felt they didn’t really like us, or our music. It was a real thrill to get to meet Elvis, though - especially to play with him. And because we were both Peter Sellers fans, I remember saying to him, ’Zis is Ze way it should be. Ze small homey gathering wiz a few friends and a leetle music!’

We’d tried to meet Elvis during our first tour of the States in 1964 but couldn’t make it because of his commitments and ours. But when we came back in the summer of 1965 we found we’d be in Hollywood at the same time Elvis was filming there. And thats how we met Elvis on the night of Friday 27th August 1965. It still to three days of planning to set up the get together in Elvis house - which we hoped would be secret. But the fans and the Press still got wind of it and were in thier hundreds when our limo drew up outside the gates on Perugia Way at about 10pm. It was frantic business trying to get in and altough we were used to crowds the thought of Elvis and the Beatles being together at one time just blew the minds of some of the people.

Anyhow Elvis was inside waiting to greet us. He looked great in black slacks, a red shirt and close-fitting black jerkin. He said hello in his quietly spoken way and led us into this huge circular room. We were joined by some of his staff as well as Colonel Parker and Brian Epstein.

I know Paul, George and Ringo were feeling as nervous as I was. This was the guy we had all idolised for years - from way back when we were just starting out in Liverpool. He was a Legend in his own life time. However, Elvis tried to make us feel at home. He sat Paul and me on one side of him and Ringo on the other. George sat cross-legged on the floor. A huge colour television was on in the middle of the room with the sound off, while a record player was playing the latest tunes. We could have just walked in on average Elvis at home evening.

Elvis obviously liked to treat everybody the same, whoever they were. He finally broke the silence which had fallen over the room. ’ Look guys’ he said ’ if youre just going to sit there and stare at me, Im going to bed’. He smiled and we all laughed. ’ Lets talk a bit, huh?’ he went on ’ And then maybe play and sing a bit?’

Thats just what we all wanted to do and you could feel the tension in the room begin to ease. One of ELvis’ staff brought us drinks but while we all drank Scotch and Coke or Borubon and Seven Up, Elvis only had Seven Up. He didn’t touch any of the cigarettes that were offered around, either.

After a bit Elvis said, ’ Somebody bring in the guitars’ again one of his men jumped up and within moments three electric guitars had been plugged into the amplifiers in the room. Elvis took a bass guitar and I took a rythm guitar. Elvis obviously wasn’ t that familiar with his instrument so Paul gave him some instructions. ’ Heres how I play the bass’ he said ‘Its not too good but I’m practising‘.

George was busy looking over his instrument and it was a few minutes before he joined in. If I remember correctly, it was Cilla Blacks hit record ‘ You’re My World’ that we first got off together. After that I said. ‘ This beats talking doesn’t it? - and we had at last found a way of communicating through music.

Only Ringo looked a bit down. He could only watch us and drum on the side of the chair. ‘Too bad we left the drums in Memphis’ Elvis said as if trying to console him.

After a while Paul put down his guitar and went over to the large white grand piano which stood in the corner by the bar. He began to pick out some notes and we got into one of the Shadows tunes.

While all this was going on Brian and the Colonel sat chatting at the back of the room. Then they went out into the games room to play some roulette. I think Brian won a bit and the Colonel lost a little.

Playing the instruments certainly made us feel at ease with Elvis. After about an hour we stopped and began to talk about the thing we knew best - entertaining. In particular, the experiences we’d all had on tour.
‘Some funny things happen to you on the road don’t they?’ Elvis smiled. ‘ I remember once in Vancouver we’d only done a number or two when some of the fans rushed the stage. It was lucky the guys and I got off in time. They tipped the whole damn’ rostrum over!’

Paul immediately followed up ELvis’ words. ‘Yes, we’ve had some crazy experiences too. I remember one fellow rushed on stage when we were performing and pulled the leads out of the amplifiers. Then he turned to me and said “one move and you’re dead!“ Elvis replied ‘ Yeah it can be pretty scaring at times’.

I chipped in. ‘But you’re on your own’ I said ‘ At least we’ve got each other up there. If somebody pushed me on stage and said, “You’re on your own” like they do with you, I don’t know how I’d cope.

The conversation then moved on to the problem of flying, which ELvis admitted could bother him. ‘ I once took off from Atlanta Georgia in a small two engined plane’ he recalled ‘and one of my engines failed. Boy, was I scared! I really thought my number was up. We had to take everything that was sharp out of our pockets and rest our heads on pillows between our knees. When we finally got down safely, the pilot was soaking with sweat, although there was snow on the ground outside’.

George told Elvis a similar story about when he had been flying from Liverpool and the window beside him had suddenly sprung open. ‘Yeah’ agreed Elvis again. ‘ We pay the price for fame with our nerves don’t we!’

I also remember I talked to him about cars. Everyone knew how much he loved them and he’d just got himself a Rolls-Royce Phantom Five. ‘ Snap!’ I told him. ‘ I saw it outside. Mine is just the same except that I’ve had all the chrome bits painted black‘.

It was 2a.m. when we finally quit. Elvis had been a great host and gave all of us a complete set of his records. It was a night none of us would forget.

As we were about to leave Paul said, ‘Elvis, we’d like you and the other guys to come up to the place where we are staying tomorrow night‘.

‘Well, I’ll see’ Elvis replied. ‘ I don’t know whether I can make it or not. But thanks all the same’. He smiled and shook our hands. We never saw him again.

It was Elvis sense of humour that stuck in my mind. He liked to laugh and make others laugh, too. Which is why I put on a Peter Sellers voice again as we walked out of the door and said,
‘Tanks for ze music, Elvis - and long live ze King!’ "


YOU KNOW MY NAME (Look Up the Number)
Tony Barrow the Beatles PR man in Replay vol 1 no.5 said about the meeting......

“As the wild jam session approached its climax with Paul now on Piano one of the minders shouted into my ear: ‘Damn I wish I’d brought my tape recorder!’ But the impromtu all star performance went unrecorded in either the visual or audio medium, not a single tape was made, not one picture was taken to preserve this never to be repeated get together of World Champs! The music lasted over an hour , it brought Ringo off the gaming tables temporarily to use the coffee table as his make shift drum kit and was the outstanding highlight of an otherwise less than eventful party. As we pulled away from the gates and past the handful if remaining fans John said quietly, That wasn’t Elvis, it was just a fellar, but he was OK! ”