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Elvis Aloha "Uncut" Vcd.

Mon Jul 07, 2003 2:52 pm

I just recently got this two disk vcd of the Aloha From Hawaii Special and this is really nice. It contain's the original show with ALL the song's included plus something I have NEVER seen before. After "Cant Help Falling In Love" and after Elvis leaves the stage they do a promotion for the Aloha Album. I have never seen this on the video release or on the dvd has anyone else? Also when the vcd starts they have the BMG logo on it saying that this was released by BMG. The only thing this set dont have is "No More" on it which I can live with. Otherwise it's the complete original show which like I said is very nice with excellent sound and picture. I know a guy is selling this set on Ebay and is asking a very reasonable price for it. I paid under 20 bucks for it. This set was originally sold by a company called "Get vcd'" which is where I got my "Elvis On Tour" vcd set from and when I asked them about the "Aloha" set they were no longer selling it. If EPE does not release the whole show with all songs included then I'm staying with what I have here because as I said these are great vcd's for the "Aloha" fan so if anyone's interested in getting a set check out Ebay because there is a guy selling them at a good price and it beats waiting for EPE to make up their minds on when they are going to release the Aloha Special with the songs included. It's another great vcd set showing the King at the peak of his career!