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Viva Las Vegas on FTD

Sun Jul 06, 2003 8:30 pm

Should FTD produce a Viva Las Vegas CD.

As there will be plenty of space available including the outtakes - wouldn't it be great if "My Rival" and "Appreciation" by Ann-Margaret along with the Forte Four's "The Climb" were included :?:

File under "Pigs Might Fly"

Sun Jul 06, 2003 8:55 pm


Must agree... I think Ann should be on the new FTD.

She is drop dead gorgeous, she must be one of Elvis's best co-stars.

Sun Jul 06, 2003 9:19 pm

No KiwiAlan, it wouldn't be great if those tracks were on the FTD CD.

Elvis isn't featured on them and when I buy an Elvis CD I expect to hear him on every track.

Sun Jul 06, 2003 9:40 pm

Personally, I wouldn’t mind having Ann’s performances on the disc along with “The Climb” as we would finally have the complete soundtrack to the film. I would guess that copyright/publishing issues will determine whether or not this happens.

Sun Jul 06, 2003 9:41 pm

Well just give those extra tracks a miss then mate, but they are part of the "original soundtrack" of the film.

Sun Jul 06, 2003 10:19 pm

Quite apart from Viva Las Vegas - it is a chance for RCA to provide the "real" soundtrack for movies.

Almost every movie has "new" items whether it's a duet with a co-star or a fully blown track like the Ann-Margaret ones or Detour from Loving You or Bananas from King Creole.

There is an extensive list of possiblities and it would breath new life into the albums.

Sun Jul 06, 2003 10:32 pm

By rights Ann-Margret's songs should be on, I probably wouldn't listen to them, but really they should be on.
They put Nancy on the Speedway LP remember. I never listened to that, but it was included... really if it's in the movie, it should be on the soundtrack, to that movie.
Has you know they never even brought out an official VLV release on LP, only EP, so I think for it's first official release on CD they should be on.


Sun Jul 06, 2003 10:57 pm

Joe is 100% right!
The Ann Margret tracks must be included.
These tracks are part of Viva Las Vegas, as Nancy Sinatra was part of the Speedway Soundtrack with her song.
I love to hear the 3 duets with Elvis & Ann.
Also the Climb must be released.

Sun Jul 06, 2003 11:01 pm

Well said Kiwi!!

Almost every movie has "new" items whether it's a duet with a co-star or a fully blown track like the Ann-Margaret ones or Detour from Loving You or Bananas from King Creole.

Hope they will release all these stuff on CD :lol:

Mon Jul 07, 2003 2:20 am

:o Yeah everyone is RIGHT Ann Margaret MUST be on the new Soundtrack-besides if she was also an RCA artist what's the problem? Their would be plenty of space on the CD for HEAPS of tracks!

Mon Jul 07, 2003 2:27 am

They would probably have to pay her royalties if she was on the disc. This might make it not so attractive for BMG. Who knows. :shock:


Mon Jul 07, 2003 4:28 am

I don't think Ann-Margret songs should be on there. Elvis movie soundtracks (like the Beatles) are in the Elvis section in stores, not
the soundtracks section; people buy them because they
want Elvis, not background music or songs by others in the film, in
my opinion. (It's hard to imagine anyone buying Girl Happy because of the film. If Elvis wasn't in it, the film wouldn't exist and/or there wouldn't be a soundtrack in the first place, for example.) Personally, if I want to hear Ann-Margret sing, I will
buy one of her CD's (but I can't say I care much for her singing
anyhow.) I agree that she is (was) an extremely attractive woman
but I can't see her when I'm listening to the cd. If there is extra
room on the Viva Las Vegas disc, I would prefer more Elvis outtakes.

Just my opinion.

Mon Jul 07, 2003 5:17 am

I don't think BMG will put the Ann Magret solo songs on this CD as they have stated before that BMG does not want them to use anyone but Elvis on an Elvis release. I don't know where I read this however it was on all the websites right before Dinner at 8 was released, and they were explaining why they couldn't use the Kathy Westmoreland solo on that release.

Personally I hope they don't put her solo songs on the soundtrack as I don't care for her singing. If they did though I'd probably still buy it. I look forward to this release. :lol:


Mon Jul 07, 2003 8:14 am

ronnyg wrote: but I can't see her when I'm listening to the cd.

That's funny coz, I can. :wink: :oops:


Mon Jul 07, 2003 8:17 am

I would just be happy to see the movie version of "C'mon Everybody".

There's an outside chance that A/M will be on the new album. BMG put out an A/M greatest hits a few years back that featured "The Lady Loves Me". I'm not sure Jorgensen is thinking that way though.