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Sat Jul 05, 2003 12:53 pm

Is there a good, close-up picture of this pin?

Sat Jul 05, 2003 2:46 pm

The version in the above linked Shaver pics. is the one manufactured by L. Hays of Memphis (real gemstones / diamonds & sapphires, Elvis' favorites). It is the short, looped, flag pole version. Hays sells repros. of it for a pretty penny. You might find some pics on his site. Otherwise, pics. can obviously be found in the Butterfield auction catalogs.

BTW, Mike McCoy, ............. Elvis is wearing a flag pin in the October '73 courthouse pics, if you look carefully, it is slightly different from the Hays version.

... just a fan ....

Sat Jul 05, 2003 9:30 pm

Hi, N8!

Thanks for that...though I checked Hays' site and couldn't find anything..

but if you can help me out.. remember when I said someone gave me a flag pin and said it was Elvis'? Here are the pics:


Thanks for your help so far, and I appreciate any more assistence you can give me on figuring out what this is.

If it's Elvis' I'll sell if for a ga-jillion, fi-fillion, shabadoobawah... zillion, million..... yen. LOL (those who know their Austin Powers will get this joke) :lol:

And yes, I'm kidding about selling it. :)

Mon Jul 14, 2003 6:06 am

I have recently been paying close attention to the concerns out there on this suit. After having personally seen this and compared this to the other suits and seen the paperwork into the research of this Cisco suit I believe this to be truly genuine.

After having contacted the owner of this suit who only just got back from an overseas business trip he has forwarded to me, below, a response to pass onto this message board the following:

Thank you for all the interest and concerns in regard to this item I purchased, it is greatly appreciated. Even though I disagree with some, I respect their opinions.

This purchase was made with research and input from many fans throughout the world and for their efforts I thank and applaud them. I will stand behind the validity of this item based on all the documentation that I have received directly and from various other sources. My intention was to share a portion of my memorabilia with the fans, but it seems to have caused just the opposite effect.

I will look into this matter with all my capabilities and resources to prove the authenticity of this piece.

My primary intention was to share a piece of Elvis memorabilia that the fans would love to see, too much is hidden by collectors never to be seen or heard. I was more than happy to display this piece on Joseph's website. I have no intention to sell this piece now or in the future, the price was just a number I picked. I should have just said this item is NOT FOR SALE.

The purchase of this piece took years to complete and was thoroughly researched not only by me, but other people in the Elvis world. I may have even contacted you for input and advice. In regard to the 4 Cisco Kids suits this is the information that was given to me; as well as the information that the colour of the leather suit on the "He Touched Me" LP was the green suit and not red. The photographed red was due to the light shown on Elvis and/or the high speed film that was used that tended to create a red cast. This can clearly be seen on the rare ‘He Touched Me’ US Single on Joseph’s website if you click on page 13 of the RCA singles 45rpm section.

In all my research I have had to add new information and at times remove information that was incorrectly reported to me. I will be in Memphis this coming August and will make a trip to the Gibson Guitar Museum. If there is a Red Cisco kid jumpsuit on display I will add this to my article.

As far as the invoices go many of them are very sketchy. They would say along the lines of ‘white suit with black’ or whatever. None describe the suit in any detail. So it is very difficult to match them up, which I was quite aware of in my research and was told this by some of the top experts. Keep in mind it was us fans who gave the suits with their colourful names such as ‘Cisco’ etc.

You must keep in mind that each of Elvis' jumpsuits and many of his personal clothing were hand made. No two suits would be exactly the same. Maybe they wanted to add a little or not include something, who knows the person who actually made the suit. From my research some of them were farmed out to various costume makers in the Los Angeles area. The suit is made of a gabardine material and was compared to other Elvis jumpsuits for verification. As regards to this suit the material used and the stitching type used are identical to the other Cisco’s currently on display Please refer to the description in the "Elvis Official Auction Catalogue" from 1999.

The leather accents have cracks and are dull. The nail heads are also dull with no shine. Please keep in mind that the photos of the green Cisco jumpsuit have missing studs. The photo is one I found in a book and was used for display purposes only.

As to the waist size it seems to be a 31-32. In fact the few people who have seen it marvel how small Elvis was, I know I can't fit in it. As to the Colonel acquiring this piece who do you think owned the gold lame suit and sold it to EPE in the early 1990s. The Colonel sold Elvis is scarf's after he saw the number he was throwing out to the audience. I wouldn't put anything past this colourful character. The suit was presented not on a wire hanger but a wooden IC Costume hanger.

Look at the facts:

IC Costume Label with IC in gold thread.
Letter from the original owner.
Letter from Colonel Tom Parker on International Hotel stationery w/envelope.
ID from the gentleman with International logo.
Photo of him holding the jumpsuit.
Copy of pay stubs.
Business card.
IC Costume hanger.

As regards to Donny Osmond, the research so far shows this cannot be the case. For starters Donny was born in 1957, that would make him 14 years of age when this suit was made. This suit was clearly made for someone of at least 6ft.

I have purchased millions of $ of Elvis related material and have sold all over the world. I am right now in the middle of another purchase and am planning to have it on display on Joseph's great website, he has great vision and what he is planning will be a great service to all of us.

I trust this answers some if not all your questions. I am always asked when interviewed or people who have seen my collection how do you know if it is real. My answer is I look them in the eye, shake their hand and my decision is made. In this case the eyes and handshake told me what I already needed to know. All the rest was added dressing. Thank you for inquires and my continued support of Elvis Presley