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BMG Nails it on the San Antonio concert from "Close Up&

Wed Jul 02, 2003 5:58 pm

Finally!! for the first time ever, we have a show that gives us the total "Elvis experience" live in the 70's. It's a combination of great sound, wonderful energy from the audience, Elvis giving a great show and a wonderful repertoire. It's funny because I have all the Elvis on Tour shows on bootleg and always felt this was the weakest. The bootleg of this show was unlistenable because of the mix(I hated that organ, I know some of you love it) when comparing the soundboard to this, it's hard to believe it's the same show!!! Can't wait till Hampton Roads and Greensboro come out, those will be even better!!!. I keep listening to this disc over and over. I've had the box set 2 days and haven't even listened to the other 3 discs yet. I know, I know, I'm gushing here about this concert!! Thanks BMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wed Jul 02, 2003 10:13 pm

Tssss, strange thing, I only gave the first 3 discs a spin [three or four], didn't touch the fourth one yet .. but I will ! I promise, in a couple of weeks - first I'll play CD one a few hundered times !!! and next is CD 3, then 2 - and maybe I'll play the concert thingie one time ... it all a matter of taste ;-)

Wed Jul 02, 2003 10:21 pm

I agree wholeheartly with you about the concert, I had goose bumps down my spine listening to this! Now everyone that has been complaining about no EOT material being released, don't have a reason to gripe anymore! (yea right) LOL
Elvis fan!

Thu Jul 03, 2003 2:01 am

As I listened to the '2001' opening come to a finish and the audience go crazy as Elvis walked on stage, I actually had goose bumps! I almost felt like I was there. Great Show!


Thu Jul 03, 2003 2:41 am

JEFF d wrote:I agree wholeheartly with you about the concert, I had goose bumps down my spine listening to this! Now everyone that has been complaining about no EOT material being released, don't have a reason to gripe anymore! (yea right) LOL
Elvis fan!

It should be on DVD. :lol:

Thu Jul 03, 2003 2:45 am

Sam I couldn't agree with you more. At least one of the shows from this tour should be released in it's entirity (preferably the Hampton VA or Richmond VA shows). But hey - they're all great and I'd take any of them.

Thu Jul 03, 2003 3:11 am

Got the box set today (was waiting for the right price :wink: ). This release shows why we have been right all along to ask for the release of a complete "On Tour" show. Overall I think this show as a whole is slightly less exciting and Elvis' voice is a wee bit less than on "An Afternoon in The Garden", although that still makes for a great performance. And the sound is better than on any other show, save the more recent Las Vegas august 1970 releases (TTWII box, One Night in Vegas, Live in Las Vegas, The Way it Was). That's great news.

What's very clear about all thusfar released 1972 shows, the Vicky releases, this BMG release, Opening Night 72, the MSG releases, is the fact that Elvis deliberately kept his shows very tight and fast-paced, with very little time spent on interacting with his audience with words. The few laughs (when he cracks up) on this San Antonio concert are a welcome albeit short variation on this pattern. On the other hand, I'd rather have a focussed and professional Elvis than the man as heard on 1974 shows like Desert Storm, Night Fever in Vegas, or the infamous College Park Show.

My guess is that with this show they have released not the very best but certainly not the worst of the professionally recorded on tour-shows to test the water, to see how it gets over with fans and critics. The plan in the near future is likely to release an additional 3-cd box in the style of the TTWII box set, containing the cream of "On Tour", with one complete concert (likely Hampton Roads) and additional rare and superior rehearsal material and concert highlights from other recorded shows. Additional shows and rehearsal material will then be released through FTD.

Remember we got our TTWII live material the same way: through BMG box sets and FTD titles.

Another possibility is that they will release all "On Tour" shows as seperate FTD's, and leave the rehearsals etc. alone.

But whatever the configuration, these will all be highly anticipated releases with almost all fans, and especially "live in the 70s" fans...
The floodgates are opened now with this wonderful and typical 1972 concert on "Close Up", and they cannot be closed again, so keep 'em comin' !

Thu Jul 03, 2003 5:28 am

I think of rehearsals the same way I do live concerts... would be cool to get an official release of one complete rehearsal - a nice change of pace from the constant live/studio alternations we've got so far. (love what we're getting anyway, though)!

Thu Jul 03, 2003 6:57 am

I haven't picked up the set yet, and am wondering this about the San Antonio recording...When I watch EOT, Elvis's vocals sound deeper or lower than on my recordings of the Hampton Roads and Greensboro shows. Or rather, when I first got them, I thought they were higher than the way they sounded on the video, which was how I was used to hearing them.

So my questions are, does this Disc 4 more closely match the EOT recording than the others do, and which recordings feature the truer sound on the other shows? And I guess also, what accounts for the difference--tape speed, bass/treble, etc. ?


Thu Jul 03, 2003 8:26 am

hey BobbyTCB, I just got my set last nite and being that i've had to work 13 hours today, it's been tuff, but i've listened to disc 4 from "See See Rider" thru "Hound Dog", then skipped to "Burning Love" and I must say, vocally, Elvis sounds Amazing too me and quite similar to my VHS copy of "On Tour". I played them side to side and there both in key with each other. as for the mix, the concert sounds awesome to me, but Ronnie's drums sound a lil to low in the mix! when I popped in my video version of "On Tour" it just seems like the drums are more prominent, right up there. I had hoped for a similar crystal clear drum sound as the remixed "Aloha..." cd. in certain spots, it seems like the drums get lost, but i'm really not gonna complain cuz Elvis' voice and the whole mood, so far, clearly makes up for it! the crowd reaction sounds real good too...

and may I say, the version of "Burning Love", although short, is stellar! I always loved how E attacked this tune in the movie with the "Higher, Higher..." growls and his voice seems real full and in control, no signs of the danger up ahead! "See See Rider" and "Proud Mary" sound great and really rock comin' outta my stereo and "Heartbreak Hotel", to me, sounds WAY better than the MSG with that said, I will now go gear up my headphones and pop disc 4 in for some more San Antonio, ELVIS '72...

Thu Jul 03, 2003 1:41 pm

Hi folks!

Now you've got me really excited!

I haven't received my copy of Close Up yet; waiting for my dealer to get back from holiday! 8)

Really looking forward to hear the San Antonio show!
And hopefully we will have additional On Tour material released soon!