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More than 30 Million visitors can't be wrong

Mon Mar 06, 2006 9:18 pm

Lakeisha wrote:
carolynlm wrote:Where on earth did anyone get the information that Dannielle will inherit the estate when she turns 18...what a load of garbage.
I know some of you don't like Jack Soden, and that's your right, but I spoke to him about this very subject, and he told me that under no circumstances will the upstairs ever be open for public viewing. He told me that the main reason was the privacy issue, then the next reason was the logistics of it all. I am sure that even though Sillerman owns the rights to the tours of the mansion, that Priscilla and Lisa have an ironclad agreement that the upstairs is to remain off limits.
If and when Lisa's children ever inherit the house and it's contents, they too will have an understanding that their mother and grandmother have very strong thoughts about how things should be done, if some of you agree or not, OK, but it's still their house, it's not ours.....we are just visitors.

Hey Carolyn, I too have heard about Miss Riley inheritting Elvis' fortune. It was on either Inside Hollywood or ET. I think she'll just get the money but Lisa and Cilla will remain incharge of it.

As for Soden, he might be on his way out from what was said on talk radio a couple weeks ago when the whole story was blowin up here. There's some quiet whippers of a new staff and leadership at EPE under Sillerman in the works. So Jay you were right about that.

I get the feeling that the upstairs will not be open.

I also read or heard somewhere that the building is not structurally sound to withstand the bunch of tourists going upstairs.

Also, the mansion is also on the National Register for Historic Places (or something of the type) - which means that there won't be additions made on to the building.

Tom (from Ohio)