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Tue Feb 28, 2006 11:22 pm

JLGB wrote:I was not there either. But Elvis' vocal had reverb on it from the start. From the three individual tracks I would guess the vocal had no reverb. But those three tracks were only used if further overdubbing was needed. Like the piano on Now Or Never. The live mix was straight to 2 track stereo. And since most of the tracks were not overdubbed, the live mixes were used to master the songs. Porter and Nogar did excellent work. By the time the master take was near everything was tweaked perfectly. Anyone correct me If I am wrong. I have not heard a live sounding studio yet. The small rooms are for cutting demos,jingles and small goups etc. The big rooms are mainly big to fit more people and instruments, orchestras etc. Anyway that is what I have seen.

Not ALL studios are dead or flat. Some studios have a "room sound", usually a few different rooms in fact, and Jimmy Page, for example, would use room sounds as part of his texturing in the studio.
The only room that is truly flat and dead, in fact, is a hyperbaric chamber.
That's why rooms are "tuned", to avoid bad harmonic resonances in a room when music is being made. It's fine tuning of the natural Room Sound.