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Dave Stanley - Fingerprints of Elvis

Mon Jun 30, 2003 4:40 pm

Went to 'Fingerprints of Elvis' at Liverpool, England over the weekend, it was very good. Dave Stanley's commentary made a world of difference as he spoke about various items with relating stories.
As I neared the end I was looking at the aotopsy report and he explained how he was there (16 Aug 77) and how he found Elvis body then he went on to say Elvis delibrately took an overdose.
"Elvis knew what time to take what, when we found him lying there with all his medication bottles etc empty all over the floor I knew it was delibrate, I was there and I know."
Bold Statement to make but I suppose he knows better than most.
Overall the 50/60's were ok, it really came alive in the 70's. I took my camera and did loads of shots with no security at all it was great.
The gift shop was good, selling nice gear not cheap tacky junk, they had loads of watches and four different styles of sunglasses, cd's dvd's etc.

Mon Jun 30, 2003 5:42 pm

Geez, how many versions have we all heard about his passing, perhaps if some of the guys would have had the balls to tell Elvis that he was on a road straigt to hell, and said either clean up your act or get someone else to look after you, it may have turned out different, but they all wanted the gravy train to keep on rolling, at any cost, and yes i know that Joe has always stated that you cannot help someone, unless he is willing to help himself.

Mon Jun 30, 2003 6:35 pm

Elvy - you were most definitely not looking at the "autopsy" report. Perhaps you are referring to the medical examiner's 2-page public report (required by law to be filed).

To imply that Stanley "found" Elvis is misleading. He did not. He was there, but well after the discovery.

I don't subscribe to the "suicide" theories, but anything is certainly possible. Warlick (medical investigator) describes the empty bottles (and other items) and Rooks (the maid) has admitted to being told to "clean-up" the scene, which included emptying the contents of pill bottles to be discarded.

Impossible to say that it was intentional. This may forever remain in the realm of speculation. The only thing that was certainly intentional was the clean-up & cover-up after the fact.

A lot from that fateful day, remains untold.


Barry - Those were Hebler's words ("How can you protect a man from himself?"), not "Joe's." Irregardless, it is very true.

"They that will not be counseled, will not be helped."

... just a fan ....

Tue Jul 01, 2003 10:56 am

Personally in my opinion David Stanley is almost as wacked as his Mother is.....

Not alot of what comes from Stanley's mouth can be believed in my opinion.......

Sad case this Stanley is..............

If anything that seemed to come good out of the Stanley's i might give Rick a pat on the back..........he at least seemed to have cared a little more for Elvis as a person..........

Where David Stanley seems to feel that he was owned something by Elvis and comes across to me this is his way of getting back at him.........

Anyway time to change the channel........LOL

PEP 8)

Tue Jul 01, 2003 12:56 pm

I'm no David Stanley defender, but .............. check it out for yourself and you be the judge:

1. BBC interview: ... 193305.stm

2. EIN's most recent interview: ... 2003.shtml

3. "Designer" Magazine interview for "Fingerprints of Elvis" exhibit: ... Elvis.html

4. Spencer Leigh (Radio Host) interview (UK):


... just a fan ....