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Fort Worth, Texas - June 18, 1972 Photo(s)?

Sat Jun 28, 2003 7:30 am

I'm trying to solve a question for myself, mostly. We attended this concert and I'm trying to ascertain what particular outfit Elvis wore at this performance.

Whereas most written accounts list Elvis as wearing the gold Adonis suit at Fort Worth, I distinctly remember there being red trim on the suit and you can see what looks like red trim in the surviving little tiny Polaroid photos as well. We were in the "nosebleed section" at this show.

I think the outfit in question was actually the red porthole suit (MSG - 6/10/72 8:30 PM) that was worn on this tour. There were several photos printed in a recent book called "Elvis In Texas" that were interspersed among shots taken at the San Antonio Show of April 18 and were identifed as taken at the same show. Here's a link to one of them below.... I couldn't get the picture to post properly.

Elvis Photo

Unless I'm totally and completely blind in both eyes, this is obviously not San Antonio.... the suits don't match and Elvis appears much more tanned. And I don't think it's MSG.... the microphones used are not the same. This shot features the short, squatty hand mike also seen in other photos from this tour by Sean Shaver and by Ed Bonja.... not to mention the Command Performance Tunzi book. So is this shot Fort Worth on June 18? What do all of you think?

Does anyone here know of any sites that may have any other photo(s) posted from this Fort Worth show? Thanks.

Sat Jun 28, 2003 1:12 pm

In my opinion this is Fort Worth june 18 '72. It's absolutly not San Antonio or MSG. The book Elvis in Texas made a mistake there. If you look the book you'll find correct shots from San Antonio aswell. All the shots from Fort Worth are great to look at.

Sat Jun 28, 2003 6:50 pm

I too was sitting in the nose bleed section at that concert. I have a promo item that a local radio station put out shortly after that show with a black and white photo on the cover from the June 18th concert. It is the same jumpsuit as the one pictured and I definitely remember it being trimmed in red, however there is no photo credit listed on what I have. I hope that helps.